Is Chessie Wood In Prison 2022? Where Is Brittney Wood Mother Now?


The vanishing of Chessie Wood’s girl Brittney had helped uncovered a deadly and messy instance of kid mishandles ring. Brittney was vanished in 2012.

Chessie was the final remaining one to see Brittney alive before she left without any follows. She was nineteen years of age when she was most recently seen, and her mom, Chessie is as yet looking for the response.

Is Chessie Wood In Prison 2022? Chessie Wood was captured in 2019 after appointees said she mishandled a 10-year old young lady actually in 2009. The office explored since the young lady approached with the charge in January 2013.

As indicated by the specialist the maltreatment was accepted to have happened just one time. Be that as it may, Chessie declared her honesty as Hall accompanied her from a MCSO van to Mobile County Metro Jail. She was busted to tears.

She said, “I want to track down my little girl, and I can’t do it in here.” “If it’s not too much trouble, search for my girl. Try not to allow this to deflect anything.” Chessie featured the way that she brought up five kids.

Chessie was the 6th of Brittney’s relatives to be embroiled on actual maltreatment allegations since Brittney’s vanishing. She resides in her own home in Mobile, Alabama.

Her sister, Wendy Holland was indicted for an extended rundown of violations against youngsters and is at present carrying out a 200-year punishment. Chessie accepts that her sister is answerable for her girl’s vanishing.

Learn Brittney Wood Mother, Chessie Wood Arrested Charges Brittney Wood’s mom Chessie Wood was captured. In 2013, she was accused of two counts of homosexuality and actual maltreatment of a youngster under 12 years of age.

Chessie confessed to a crime accusation of careless risk and didn’t carry out any jail punishment in October 2016. She generally kept up with her guiltlessness.

She told in the docuseries that she just took the request since “everything I could imagine is I at any point go in a correctional facility, I’ll never track down her.” She trusted that someone will approach to tell law requirement and the family what befell Brittney through docuseries.

Was Chessie Wood Daughter Ever Found? Chessie Wood’s girl has not been found since she lost all sense of direction in 2012. On May 30, 2012, Brittney left her mom’s home in Mobile, Alabama, between 7 to 7:30 pm.

There is a docuseries named “Beast in the Shadow,” spilling on Peacock, attempts to disentangle the secret of Wood’s vanishing, which prompted the stunning disclosure of an interbreeding and youngster dealing ring of Wood’s own family.

Before Brittney evaporated, she let her mom know that she planned to meet her uncle, Donald Paul Holland Sr. Her last phone area was from the River Styx region where Holland resided.