Is Chris Tyson still married to Katie Tyson? Marriage explored amid transphobic backlash

On Thursday, April 13, 2023, YouTube megastar Jimmy Donaldson otherwise known as MrBeast, a long-lasting companion of Chris Tyson, pummeled those censuring Tyson after they uncovered they were getting chemical treatment. Tyson has routinely showed up on MrBeast and even has MrBeast Responds, another channel, with Donaldson.

The reaction against Tyson an actual started after a fan changes in the force to be reckoned with asked about something similar. Accordingly, Chris tweeted: For those uninformed, HRT represents Chemical Substitution Treatment.

While many, including the MrBeast group, celebrated following Tyson’s disclosure, others were not satisfied and shared transphobic remarks via web-based entertainment, igniting a response from Jimmy Donaldson himself.

Donaldson’s move was a reaction to the video from Australian YouTuber Lachlan Windross, who goes by the internet based moniker SunnyV2, shared a video named:

The video attests that Chris’ undeniably female look would obstruct the channel’s prevalence. One of the focuses the video addresses is Chris co-nurturing his young child with his ex Katie. The two isolated in 2022.

Windross is known for making recordings about the destruction of different web characters. His video around 26-year-old Chris Tyson became famous online with more than 1,000,000 perspectives.

Chris Tyson hails from North Carolina and is a lifelong companion of Jimmy Donaldson. They previously showed up on MrBeast in 2015 and has since shown up on the channel.

In 2018, Chris wedded powerhouse Katie Tyson, known for her way of life and travel-related content on Instagram. Katie brags a following 155k and even has an Amazon page. Of late, fans have been hypothesizing whether the pair had isolated, considering that Katie has not shared any content including Chris, regardless of consistently sharing photographs with her baby and other relatives. Fans went to the extent that uncovering the last time she imparted a post to Chris, which was in December 2021.

Since his declaration about getting Chemical Substitution Treatment on April 6, 2023, Chris Tyson has been consistently refreshing devotees and answering remarks about something very similar.

While many upheld the powerhouse following news about HRT, there were some who shared negative remarks. One specific fan composed:

“There goes a mentor the youngster will not at any point have the option to gaze upward to.”

Chris Tyson had the ideal reaction to the fan, bringing up that Exhaust misses them regardless of whether they leave for a go for only two days. They affirmed that their child is “adored and cheerful,” remarking that no youngster is born with disdain, however is somewhat shown similar through outside factors, adding that Exhaust will “just know love.”