IU is the only female Korean soloist to be crowned as the greatest singer of all time by the Rolling Stone

On January 2, 2023, IU was delegated the best vocalist ever by Drifter. The magazine remembered the South Korean vocalist lyricist for their Main 200 rundown of “Most prominent Artists Ever.”

IU positioned no.135, turning into the most elevated positioned Korean artist and the main female Korean soloist to show up on the rundown. Drifter depicted her as perhaps of the most exceptionally respected artist in South Korea and proceeded to praise her vocals.


Other than IU, Jeon Jungkook, the most youthful individual from BTS, was likewise referenced in the rundown, making him the main male soloist from South Korea to be offered the honor. Jungkook positioned 191st on the rundown.

Obviously, UAENAs were happy at their deity’s prosperity and after hearing the news, took to virtual entertainment to celebrate.

In the as of late delivered rundown of 200 vocalists, Drifter depicted the striking commitments and accomplishments of every craftsman. As needs be, the magazine recorded a portion of the qualities as well as achievements of the South Korean soloist.

The portrayal started with a notice of the symbol’s 2010 “breakout hit”:

“Since her 2010 breakout hit Great Day which earned merited acclaim for its wonderful three-note peak, the symbol has become perhaps of the most profoundly respected entertainer in South Korean music.”
Drifter likewise discussed the characteristics and attributes of her vocals, depicting them as being delicate yet strong.

“Regardless of having a delicate voice, she has a wide reach, a strong conveyance, and a flexibility that is permitted her to move effectively from bossa nova to Nineties chamber pop and from jazz to songs.”
The magazine likewise referenced how in 2022, the icon sold out tickets for her show at Seoul’s Olympic Arena in under five minutes, accordingly turning into the principal Korean female soloist to accomplish this accomplishment:

“In 2022, she turned into the primary Korean female soloist to feature a show at Seoul’s Olympic Arena, selling out the setting in a short time, with companions and admirers like Jungkook from BTS, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon of Two times, and TXT’s Soobin and Beomgyu there to commend her victory.”
IU is perhaps of the most rumored character in the South Korean media outlet. She has been viewed as the “best young lady” by numerous K-pop icons, including Jungkook from BTS.

When the report about their golden calf being in the main 200 of the best artists of opportunity list emerged, UAENAs went ahead and their contemplations via web-based entertainment, raging the stage with great wishes and complimentary directives for the soloist.

The Dispatch as of late announced that the symbol is dating South Korean entertainer Lee Jong-suk. While the two have been companions for over 10 years, the news source announced that they have been dating for around four months.

The icon’s organization, EDAM Diversion, later affirmed the Dispatch report in a proclamation:

“Lee Jong-suk and IU have been partners for quite a while and as of late their relationship formed into sweethearts. We are requesting that the fans give their warm consideration towards the couple.”
After the news became public, the vocalist likewise wrote down a sincere letter to her fans.

The capable soloist is additionally apparently affirmed to star as the lead in the impending show Life alongside Park Bo-gum. She has additionally completed the process of recording for Dreams, where she will be seen close by Park Search engine optimization joon.