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On July 6, 2021, Peter de Vires was leaving the studio of a TV shoot. Be that as it may, the columnist has injured from a shot soon after in the focal point of Amsterdam.

The doctors promptly took him to the emergency clinic. Nonetheless, his status is extremely basic at this moment. Jacqueline de Vries doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio. Vries is famous for being the spouse of Peter de Vires.

The couple has been hitched for more than 30 years now. However they are not formally separated, Peter and Jacqueline have really headed out in a different direction.

In a meeting, Peter uncovered that he and his life partner chose to head out in different directions commonly friendly. Likewise, they would not like to include attorneys or lawful difficulties.

Moreover, he additionally uncovered that they are really in an open relationship. Indeed, he expressed, “It has advanced our lives”.

Then again, Peter keeps up with the greatest security of Jacqueline. Because of his hazardous work, his family is additionally in steady danger of assault. Jacqueline de Vries is a mother of two kids.

She has a little girl and a child along with Peter. In like manner, both of the youngsters are grown up and right now moved out of the house now. In spite of Peter and Jacqueline’s detachment, the four actually appreciate family time with one another.

All things considered, Peter has consistently stressed that he will forestall his kids’ way of life also. Regardless, he involves that his children have acquired a similar boldness as their dad.

Jacqueline de Vries appears around the age of her 60s. We hypothesize that Jacqueline is comparative in age to Peter, who turned 64 years of age in 2020. Nonetheless, her genuine birth date isn’t known.

Jacqueline de Vries imparts a respectable total assets to her accomplice Peter is a prestigious columnist and insightful correspondent in the Netherlands. He rose into notoriety as the host of Peter R. de Vries, misdaadverslaggever.

Nonetheless, Jacqueline has not spoken about her better half’s new shooting. She may be devasted by the circumstance at the present time. We trust he recuperates well from his wounds.