Jean Luc Brunel Was Found Dead At The Le Sante Prison


On February 19, 2022, Jean Luc Brunel, a previous French model scout, and companion of Jeffrey Epstein, was found dead in the Le Sante Prison. He was tracked down hanging inside his cell after purportedly conceding to prison. The previous Karin Models CEO was captured in December 2020 on doubt of having a connection to Epstein and being engaged with the last option’s dealing embarrassment. Brunel was imprisoned in Le Sante Prison while anticipating preliminary for associated attack and badgering with a youngster, notwithstanding numerous protestations. In any case, he as of late dedicated himself by hanging himself. As indicated by sources near the examination, his carcass was found during an ordinary jail watch:

“At around 1 a.m., a night watch found his dead cadaver. A legal examination has been started, and primer proof prompts self destruction.”

As indicated by sources, Brunel was apparently in a solitary inhabitance cell and had not met some other convicts before to his demise. He had no medical problems and was not placed on self destruction watch:

“An examination is in progress to lay out all of this, however for the present, it appears to be that he committed suicide alone, and his carcass was found hanging during a customary watch.” There were no unmistakable worries about the detainee’s wellbeing, and he was not on a self destruction watch, regardless of having been in prison for a long time.”

In the interim, Brunel’s attorneys asserted in a joint proclamation that the model scout submitted himself subsequent to being “squashed” by the charges:

“His misery was that of a 75-year-elderly person squashed by a media-legal framework that it is previous chance to raise doubt about.” Jean Luc Brunel has kept up with his honesty. He expanded his endeavors to demonstrate it. His decision to end his life was persuaded not by regret, but rather by a significant sensation of injustice.”

As per sources, the third Judicial Police District has started an authority investigation into Jean Luc Brunel’s inconvenient demise, and a dissection will be performed to discover the genuine reason for death.

A glance back at Jean Luc Brunel’s life. Jean Luc Brunel was a model scout and administrator of demonstrating business in France. He was born in Paris in 1946 and began his displaying profession during the 1970s. Brunel started as a demonstrating scout for Karin Mossberg’s firm Karin Models and rose to turn into the organization’s leader in 1978. Brunel and his brother Arnaud sent off the Next Management Corporation in 1988, and the Next Management Company, an overall displaying office, was established in 1989 with Faith Kates. Karin Models of America was made in 1995, and Next Management Company was sold the next year.

During the 1980s, the model scout purportedly met previous British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who acquainted him with her sweetheart, multibillionaire money manager Jeffrey Epstein. Brunel turned out to be near Epstein throughout the long term and became one of his “most successive male partners.” Epstein additionally gave assets to Jean Luc Brunel’s new demonstrating firm, MC2 Model Management, in 2004. In the mid 2000s, the last option migrated to the United States and rebranded Karin Models U.S. as MC2 Model Management, laying out workplaces in New York and Miami in 2005. Brunel is said to have added to the foundation of The Identity Models in New York City and 1Mother Agency in Ukraine. In any case, on September 27, 2019, a couple of days following Epstein’s demise, he disbanded MC2.

What was the purpose for Jean Luc Brunel’s capture? All through his profession, Jean Luc Brunel was the objective of sexual maltreatment claims. In 1987, he was associated with a seven-month examination for CBS’ an hour. For the piece, many models who worked with the scout were evaluated. Many blamed Brunel for advancing a threatening working environment, with model Courtney Soerensen making direct allegations against the CEO during one episode. Brunel supposedly made undesirable methodologies toward the model when she was 19 years of age in 1988, as indicated by the model.

Brunel discredited every one of the charges brought against him on an hour, yet the allegations kept on stacking up. Subsequent to being included in the BBC’s 1999 MacIntyre Undercover examination on maltreatment in the style business, the demonstrating organization proprietor was purportedly banned from working in Europe. In 2002, first class supermodel Karen Mulder made comparable charges against Jean Luc Brunel while examining bad conduct and control in the design business. Regardless, he kept on evading indictment.

Nonetheless, the previous MC2 author was raised doubt about when Jeffrey Epstein was detained for kid misuse and running a female dealing organization. Virginia Giuffre, Epstein’s casualty and vital observer, said in a 2015 proclamation that the very rich person gloated about having illicit relationships with “north of 1,000 of Brunel’s young ladies.”

Brunel exhaustingly denied his interest in the Epstein undertaking at that point:

“I completely deny having embraced any illicit direct or infringement while filling in as a scouter or model organization chief.”

Brunel’s name was found to be among those refered to in Giuffre’s legitimate case against Ghislaine Maxwell in 2019. As per the claim, she was dealt as an adolescent to various of Epstein and Maxwell’s high-profile clients, including Brunel. Simultaneously, an article in The Guardian featured Dutch model Thysia Huisman blamed Brunel for manhandling her while she was only 18 years of age in 1991. Huisman additionally let The Daily Beast know that she recorded an objection against Brunel in the expectations that more ladies would approach with comparative stories.

In a similar story, one more unidentified American model blamed Brunel for misuse. She said he attacked her during the 1980s outside of Paris when she was 20 years of age. In the mean time, Jean Luc Brunel vanished from general visibility when Epstein submitted himself in prison by hanging himself in 2019. Soon after, the French National Police started a request against the model office proprietor and struck his home on doubt of complicity in the Epstein dealing outrage.

In spite of self-isolating, the 76-year-old was secured at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle air terminal on December 16, 2020, as he was prepared to go on an outing to Dakar, Senegal. He was kept forthcoming an examination for attack, dealing, and criminal intrigue. Jean Luc Brunel was officially accused in September 2021 of sedating and attacking a kid model during the 1990s. He kept up with his guiltlessness and kept on dismissing all claims, yet he was kept in Le Sante Jail all through the continuous examination until his demise by jail self destruction on Saturday.