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Jeffrey Wolfe and his better half, Charlene Leaser, were driving down from Houston to Mississippi to recover cash that the killers owed Jeffrey Wolfe.

Then, at that point, Jeffrey Wolfe was welcome to the Butcher supermarket, where Gary Simmons was available. Gary was the person who owed Jeffrey cash.

Nonetheless, as Gary Simmons owed cash that came as a piece of the heroin bargain fell into the snare as Gary severely killed both Jeffrey Wolfe and his better half, Charlene Leaser.

Jeffrey Wolfe and his accomplice, Brooke Weber, headed to Jackson County in August 1996 to explore the homicide and eulogy case.

They made a trip to Mississippi to clear a maryjane bill due by Gary Simmons, which was assessed to be valued at $12,000 and $20,000.

Wolfe was cautioned by Simmons and his then-brother-in-law Timothy Milano that they didn’t have his cash or medications.

Besides, Milano is said to have fired Wolfe with a.22 type rifle and dismantled him in a bath with the sharp edges he utilized working after a contention.

Subsequent to liberating Weber, Simmons anchored her and put her in a footlocker to assault her.

Jeffery Wolfe’s homicide case was first promoted on Monsters and Critics.

Milano was secured rapidly, and Simmons gave up a couple of days after the fact. Both were accused of homicide and indicted. Milano was sentenced to life in jail without the chance of parole, while Simmons was given capital punishment.

Gary Simmons was additionally killed/executed in Mississippi in the year 2012. The presumed reason is after he killed Jeffrey Wolfe.

He was 49 years of age, that very year when he was announced dead at The Mississippi State Penitentiary in Parchman.

As per the reports and authorities, Gary Simmons’ last desire before his execution was that he needed to have Parmesan Cheese, farm, Pizzas, and different things.

Moreover, Milano has been condemned to prison forever.

There could be no other individual insights about Jeffrey Wolfe or his accomplice.

He has all the earmarks of being in his mid-thirties, a good guess.

Jeffery Wolfe’s body parts were found drifting in the sea, and police could save more than 80% of his body parts.

Simmons looked for security in Mobile, Alabama, with his ex, where he taped a video admission and gave up.