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Jennifer Watkins got herself associated with a revolting care fight with her parents in law after she moved to Florida to keep away from court-requested fatherly appearance.

Watkins’ parents in law were conceded the freedoms to visit their granddaughter, Sidney, after their child Steven Watkins was killed in 2008.

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She figured out how to get away from law implementation for a really long time before she was captured by the nearby police specialists. She was imprisoned for some time however was eventually delivered.

In 2016, she attempted to escape with her girl indeed and was captured. Her child was shipped off live with her fatherly auntie Ashley Clement, who likewise wound up turning into her long-lasting watchman.

Jennifer Watkins is a lady from Illinois who was associated with one of the longest and severe kid authority fights with her parents in law after the passing of her repelled spouse.

In 2008, Jennifer was in a separation with her significant other Steven Watkins. The couple had one girl, Sidney.

She lived independently from Steven and took their girl with her when she moved in with her grandma Shirley Skinner.

Steven, who ached to see his girl, came to get Sidney for a court-requested visit one day at Shirley’s home. In any case, the older woman rather shot him to no end.

Jennifer was absent at the time shooting. After his demise, Steven’s folks pursued and won appearance freedoms to see their granddaughter in 2010.

Rather than giving them to visit Sidney, Ms. Watkins escaped to Florida with her little girl and remained there for a very long time before she was captured in 2016 for keeping away from court-requested example grandparent appearance.

This followed a very long term authority fight. Eventually, Jennifer surrendered the authority of her Sidney to the young lady’s fatherly auntie.

Indeed, Jennifer Watkins’ grandma Shirley Skinner is as yet in prison.

Skinner, presently 85 years of age, was condemned to 55 years in prison for the homicide of Steven Watkins.

After the preliminary, her child, Ed Skinner asserted his mom’s guiltlessness and said she didn’t kill Steven.

He said Jennifer is the genuine executioner and his mother accepted any consequence for it.