Jeon Do Yeon And Jung Kyung Ho Confirmed For New Romance Drama

Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho have been affirmed for another sentiment show. Welcome to BLOG. Here is the most recent letting the cat out of the bag and moving transmission:: Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho may be dealing with another show together. On June 21, tvN said that it was conceivable that the two entertainers would be in “A single Shot Scandal” (exacting title).

“A single Shot Scandal” will tell the great and comfortable yet cold and sweet yet intriguing story of individuals who need to manage how cutthroat placement tests are constantly. The show is about a self-contradicting embarrassment between the proprietor of a side dish store who joins the universe of placement tests late and a star mentor in Korea’s top confidential training field.

Once more the show may be composed by and “Natural Wife” author Yang Hee Seung and coordinated by “Old neighborhood Cha-Cha” chief Yoo Jae Won. This is the third task that the maker and chief have chipped away at together subsequent to making “Lord of High School” and “Gracious My Ghostess.” Their get-together makes us need to peruse the extraordinary, comfortable, and endearing story once more.

Jeon Do Yeon could play with Nam Haeng Sun, a previous public competitor who is seconds ago getting into the jam-packed market for selection test prep. She will run the National Representative Side Dish Shop with a great deal of heart. Despite the fact that Nam Haeng Sun is worn out from life, she is an extreme individual who sticks with her decisions and doesn’t rationalize them. In any case, she continues to cross paths with Choi Chi Yeol unexpectedly after she joined the confidential training business past the point of no return. Jeon Do Yeon has been perfect in various hit shows and films, which makes individuals eager to perceive how she changes in “A single Shot Scandal.”

Jung Kyung Ho could assume the part of the famous coach Choi Chi Yeol, who was born brilliant and has a dedicated character. Besides the fact that he has extraordinary experience, however he is likewise an incredible talker with a great deal of dramatic skill, so he is rich and renowned as far as possible. Yet, the drawback of his distinction is that he couldn’t require one moment to unwind, so he’s become crabby and relentless around the vast majority of us. At the point when they meet Nam Haeng Sun, who is consistently cheerful and ready to go, they will be essential for a sweet and energizing story. In the wake of being great in “Clinic Playlist,” “Jail Playbook,” and “Life on Mars,” individuals are anticipating Jung Kyung Ho’s next presentation.