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The killer of the Daniels family, Jerry Scott Heidler does not have a Wikipedia page that features his scandalous wrongdoings. Jerry Scott Heidler is for the most part perceived as the killer of the Daniels family in Santa Claus, Georgia. The Daniels family was killed on the fourth of December, 1997. The entire family was shot to death.

Jerry was only 20 years of age when he killed the entire group of Daniels. Here, let us become acquainted with subtleties of Jerry Scott Heidler, for example, his Wikipedia and the scandalous Georgia murder case.

Killer Jerry Scott Heidler isn’t included on a Wikipedia page. Notwithstanding, his biography is found on Murderpedia. He is presently hanging tight for his execution for his violations like hijacking and murder. He was condemned to death in the year 1999.

Heidler was captured around the same time the Daniels family murder occurred. Jerry Scott Heidler is known to be the killer of the Daniels family in the year 1997. It is otherwise called mass homicide.

Name Jerry Scott Heidler
Birthday June 9, 1977
Age 44
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 9 inches (approx)
Nationality American
Profession Criminal
Married/Single Single

Jerry was accused of the homicide instance of Kim Daniels, Danny Daniels, and their youngsters. The technique for mass homicide was shooting. This homicide is expressed to be a vengeance case.

The entire Daniels family was discovered killed on the fourth of December 1997. The Daniels family incorporated a couple and their two youngsters. The Daniels relatives who were killed are Danny Daniels, Kim Daniels, Jessica Daniels, and Bryant Daniels. This case isn’t simply known to be a homicide case yet in addition a hijacking case.

Jerry seized the cultivate kids really focused on by the Daniels couple. Subsequent to executing the Daniel family, he hijacked three kids.None theless, the kids were subsequently discovered alive by a rancher around 30 miles from the dirt road, which drove the police to Heidler.

As indicated by Casetext, the homicide case is expressed to be a retribution case. Jerry was dating the girl of the Daniel couple. He was upset because of his better half Jessica had brought forth a child only two days before the homicide occurred.