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Jo Ferrari otherwise known as Thitisan Utthanaphon is the police head of Nakhon Sawan police headquarters, he was sacked from his situation as a police administrator in Nakhon Sawan daily preceding the homicide.

His nickname comes from his broad assortment of supercars, decisively 29 supercars from organizations like Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley, and so on as indicated by Sky News. Jeerapong was killed during the time spent attempting to remove $60,000 to drop his charge by the police.

Alongside Thitisan other six cops have been accused of the homicide and out of seven, five have effectively been captured and two including Thitisan are on free as of now.

Allow us to become familiar with Jo Ferrari also known as Thitisan Utthanaphon and investigate his age and spouse.

Jeerapong Thanapat’s homicide video has been moving on different online media stages and on Reddit.

Individuals and specialists have been stunned after the video rose to the top and it has been shared by a huge number of individuals across the web.

He was killed by the police staff remembering Jo Ferrari by putting a plastic pack for his head. The supposed medication runner Thanapat choked to death.

In the video, the cops could be seen attempting to restore the expired by pouring a container of water and CPR however no karma.

He was then shipped off Sawanpracharak Hospital and he requested his men to put the reason for his demise as conceivable methamphetamine glut.

An intensive examination is in progress for the situation and the subtleties will be distributed once the examination results rise to the top.

Jo Ferrari’s real age is 39 years of age as indicated by BBC.

Be that as it may, his genuine date of birth has not showed up on a superficial level as of now making it hard to make forecasts about his character dependent on his zodiac sign.

Thitisan was born in Thailand and served numerous years in the police office. Much about his origination and guardians have not risen to the top.

Jo Ferrari could be a hitched man yet has not uncovered anything about his significant other on the web yet.

Ferrari may be a hitched man with children and family however the subtleties have not risen to the top as of now.

He has spoken nothing about his significant other or his relationship status with the overall population yet.

Regardless, his better half should be frightened for her significant other as he has been accused of homicide and is being looked by the Royal Thailand Police as you read this article.

Jo Ferrari is on the run as of now.

He has been stowing away and pursuing from the police he was accused of homicide and a capture warrant was given.

Data about his hideaways has not risen to the top however the police are working nonstop to find and capture the criminal.