Kurt Cobain’s 1989 Stage-Smashed Fender Mustang Guitar Sells for Nearly $500,000 at Auction

An electric guitar played, crushed and afterward endorsed by the incredible Kurt Cobain sold for almost 50% of 1,000,000 bucks at a sale throughout the end of the week.

The around 1973 Bumper Colt with tobacco sunburst finish sold for $486,400, which surpassed the $400,000 gauge, as per Julien’s Barterings.


The Cobain-claimed, stage-played, crushed and marked hatchet was utilized on Nirvana’s most memorable U.S. visit at two exhibitions in 1989, as per the sale house.

The main date was at Club Dreamerz in Chicago, Sick. on July 8 and the second at the Sonic Sanctuary in Wilkinsburg, Penn. on July 9.

It was the last appearance where Cobain crushed the guitar to pieces across the stage during the finale execution of “Blew.”

“Following that presentation, the band remained at Sluggo Cawley of the band Hubbub’s loft, where Cobain saw a crushed Gibson SG holding tight Cawley’s wall,” the story goes, as indicated by the bartering house. “Cobain proposed to exchange it for the Bumper Bronco he had crushed on July ninth since he figured he could fix the Gibson SG alright to crush it some other time on.”

Julien’s Barterings proceeded, “Sluggo consented to the exchange and had Cobain engrave the Colt, marking as Nirvana and furthermore drawing two blossoms along the upper right piece of the pickguard before the band continued on toward their next show. Along the lower piece of the body, the engraving peruses, ‘Yo Sluggo/Thank for the exchange/On the off chance that it’s against the law to Take care of business, toss my butt behind bars/Nirvana.'”

When gotten some information about his affinity for crushing guitars in front of an audience, Cobain allegedly answered, “For what reason do I make it happen? Same difference either way.

It feels quite a bit better. Someone previously cut down a decent old tree to make that f- – – ing guitar. Crush it!

We possibly at any point make it happen assuming that the inclination’s right; it doesn’t make any difference where we are.”

Other eminent music things that went for big bucks at the end of the week closeout incorporate Elvis Presley’s 1972 18K gold jewel Ebel wristwatch, which sold for $256,000; Bounce Dylan’s Wm.

Knabe and Co. Brand Louis XV fabulous piano, which sold for $217,600; Sovereign’s 1992 Kurt Nelson Cloud model electric guitar with NFT, which sold for $192,000; John Lennon photograph matched ‘Granny’ glasses, which sold for $162,500; Tupac Shakur’s craftsmanship finished for a 1996 Guides Venture Los Angeles pledge drive, which sold for $128,000; and Michael Jackson’s uniquely designed Gibson electric guitar crushed in “Shout” music video, which sold for $87,500, as per the sale house.