Lee Seung-gi Stated That He Has Not Been Compensated For His Songs In The Last 18 years

According to the maximum latest allegations, South Korean actor and singer Lee Seung-gi have no longer been paid for his songs inside the preceding 18 years. On November 17, the actor formally sought a report on his musical activities and cash amassed through his old agency, Hook Entertainment, throughout the preceding 18 years. According to the identical tale, the actor has now not gotten a single dime from the income of his information.

On November 21, Dispatch mentioned that during January 2021, the actor got a mail from a Hook Entertainment employee wherein he should view the sales and earnings from the income of his song. He did not, however, get any of the profits or profits.


When Dispatch just mentioned that the actor in no way were given any money from Hook Entertainment, the actor’s accusations appeared to be tested. In his 18-yr musical profession, Lee Seung-gi has written over a hundred thirty songs.

Because You Are My Girl, his first film, catapulted him to popularity in 2004. Following his first music, which turned into produced via PSY, he went on to write greater hit songs consisting of Delete. Many prizes accompanied for the actor and singer, which include Baeksang Arts Awards, 4 Mnet Asian Music Awards, 8 SBS Drama Awards, and twelve SBS Entertainment Awards.

Lee Seung-songs gi allegedly generated nine.6 billion gained ($7.1 million) Between 2009 and 2022. According to Dispatch, Hook Entertainment generated plenty of cash off of Lee Seung-CDs, gi’s however the Return vocalist by no means were given any of it.

His first three albums, posted in 2004, 2006, and 2007, offered over 100,000 copies each. As the actor’s reputation grew on the time, many people utilized his songs as ringtones. His tune turned into also applied as history song for Cyworld. His antique agency, on the other hand, has not paid him something from the song’s income and profits, along with royalties.

PSY, the manufacturer of Lee Seung-first gi’s single Because You Are My Girl, found out that he were given royalties after the tune’s sale and streaming. Hook Entertainment allegedly withheld all earnings from the actor’s songs and albums. According to reports, the actor made more than $7.Sixteen million in earnings from his songs among 2006 and 2022. In his employer’s company account, the sum was pronounced as income.

According to reports, the organisation tampered with the actor’s musical activities’ income and earnings reports. Dispatch similarly found out that account statistics for sales and profits from 2004 to 2009 have been destroyed and can’t be restored.

It’s difficult to say how a great deal money turned into spent and what sort of income the actor crafted from his hit songs at the time. According to the South Korean mag, the sales could total 10.Zero billion KRW (about $7.46 million).

The actor did no longer earn any of the proceeds from his sixth album’s digital income. According to the Dispatch story, Lee Seung-gi become again and again gaslighted by his antique employer, Hook Entertainment.

People in electricity on the business enterprise used to ridicule him, according to Dispatch.

“Seung Gi! Seung Gi!” Your lovers do no longer purchase albums. They don’t have any cash, however they have quite a few wants.”

Another Hook Entertainment legit allegedly used to persuade him, saying:

“Kim, the supervisor.” Lee Seung Gi is finished. Take the ideal way. Spend much less money.”

According to the tale, the CEO of his previous agency made certain that the actor did now not use the agency’s credit card for meals or personal costs.

On Twitter, the actor’s enthusiasts are horrified and disappointed. Fans flocked to Twitter to vent their rage in opposition to Hook Entertainment, pledging to take harsh action in opposition to the organization. Fans are outraged by means of the actor’s previous employer’s remedy of him. Lee Seung-gi cease Hook Entertainment in 2021 to release his own company, Human Made. He maximum lately seemed within the KBS2 drama The Law Cafe.