Lexington Lab Band Members, Songs And Albums

Lexington Lab musicians comprise of 83 unique artists hailing from Kentucky. Lexington Lab band itself is to a greater degree an aggregate rather than a conventional band.

The Band hails from Lexington, Kentucky, and has been dynamic throughout the previous decade as indicated by their site. Every one of the artists who have at any point been in the band are from Focal Kentucky.


The band’s music itself is a blend between a cover and a recognition band where they put their own twist on renowned pop and rock melodies from the beyond 50 years. Considering that there are such countless individuals, they consolidate a wide assortment of instruments and in some cases highlight upwards of 3-5 performers for one tune.

Notwithstanding the kooky thought behind the entire undertaking, Lexington Lab Band is genuinely well known and has amassed over 148K supporters on their YouTube channel. The most famous video on the channel has even amassed north of 22 million perspectives.

Lexington Lab Musicians can be parted into three classifications. The classes are establishing individuals, noticeable individuals, and different individuals.

Michael Vandemark is the organizer and brainchild behind Lexing Lab Band. Vandemark is the melodic chief and singer of the band.

The thought for the Lexington Lab Band came to Vandemark in the mid 2010s when he was functioning as a Programming Chief at Southland Christian Church in Lexington. Responsible for 90+ performers, Vandemark definitely knew how to order an enormous gathering of specialists.

Vandemark’s station, joined with his interest with the mechanics of songwriting, drove him to contact different neighborhood performers to make a cover band not really to record cover tunes, yet to investigate how they were initially made.

With that in mind, Vandemark made the band subsequent to going to the Darryl Lobby Show where another visitor was highlighted consistently, and by copying that thought, Lexington Lab was born.

Dale Adams
Dale Adams is an establishing part and one of the numerous guitarists of Lexington Lab Band. Dale is perhaps of Vandemark’s dearest companion.

Definitively because of their fellowship, Adams was the principal individual that Vandemark came to when he had the thought for the band. Adams quickly consented to join and began conceptualizing with Vandemark on how they could carry the plan to completion.

It was Adams who chose to move the thought onto YouTube so they could report their excursion and have a stage to share their music as neither Adams nor Vandemark needed to perform live.

Derrick BreauxDerrick Breaux is likewise an establishing individual from the Lexington Lab Band. Breaux is accountable for vocals, guitars, and the bass.

As one of the establishing individuals from the gathering, Breaux has been there starting from the start of the band and keeps on furnishing assist with the singing and the two-string instruments at whatever point he can.

Concerning his own life, he lives in Nicholasville, Kentucky, and is hitched to Lauren Hudnall Breaux, with whom he has three wonderful kids, two children, and a little girl. The guitarist’s family are faithful adherents to Christ.

Ryan McQuerry is the drummer of the Lexington Lab Band. McQuerry is a commended drummer and won the 2017 Lexington Music Grants.

However numerous individuals from the band are multi-instrumentalists, McQuerry has since a long time ago been signified as the fundamental drummer of the band. Beside Lexington Lab, he is additionally the drummer for the John Hatfield band.

Like Breaux, Ryan is hitched and his better half’s name is Kristin McQuerry. The two likewise have a child together who is a carbon copy of his dad.

Ransack Pottorf
Ransack Pottorf is the last establishing individual from the Lexington Lab Band. Pottorf plays the consoles and guitars and furthermore sings for the band.

Pottorf likely has the most through and through tasty life out of the relative multitude of individuals from the band. The performer isn’t just that yet in addition a writer for film, TV, and live diversion who has been named for an Emmy grant.

The score he got an Emmy assignment for was the esteemed film I’m Patrick featuring John Rhys-Davies. Pottorf’s music can be heard in other conspicuous motion pictures like: Pottorf was a youthful wonder as he began playing music early in life of five, and in no less than four years was at that point composing his own music. At the point when he graduated school, he was in a split second conceded a temporary position at a recording studio and got recruited at Central as the Music chief and Senior Music Writer for their amusement Park Division.

Nonetheless, Pottorf quit in 1999 and has been making scores for film and TV from that point onward, close by his work with the band. Lexington lab band conspicuous individuals are non-establishing individuals who are given second charging after the originators. The conspicuous individuals are: Austin Vitucci is the piano player of the band in spite of the fact that he plays guitars and sings as well. Vitucci is right away unmistakable by his long hair.

Like Vandemark, Vitucci is likewise an individual from the Southland Christian Church and works there as a Music Chief. The piano player likewise used to be an individual from the band Raleigh Keegan as a bassist.

However he presently resides in Lexington, he hails from Charleston, South Carolina where he dealt with a Jimmy John’s.

Randy Refalo is the bassist of the Lexington Lab Band. Refalo is one of a handful of the individuals to play one instrument as it were.

Refalo is a perceived bassist all over Lexington, Kentucky, and has regularly been praised for his work. From being designated for the second Yearly Lexington Music Grant in 2015 and again the next year, the bassist has been very much commended for his work with the four-stringed instrument.

Jessica McKenney is the entertainer and vocal head of the Lexington Lab Band. McKenney is the second true head of the gathering.

The motivation behind for what reason is that she frequently goes with Vandemark at whatever point they go on meetings or press runs. Accordingly, many individuals see her, close by Vandemark, as the essence of the gathering.

In the same way as other different individuals from the gathering, McKenney also is hitched and a supporter of Christ. As expressed above Lexington Lab Band have a sum of 83 individuals. They are right here: