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Lindani Myeni had as of late moved to Hawaii yet was shot dead as of late. As of late, Lindani Myeni was slaughtered by Honolulu cops after a little misjudging. As indicated by News24, the Myeni family’s legal counselor conceded that the officials were either ineffectively prepared or too forceful to even think about heightening the circumstance unnecessarily.

Lindani Myeni was really a South African man who was dwelling in Hawaii. At the point when the Hawaii cops got some answers concerning a house robbery, they surged towards Lindani and tasered him a few times before he was shot to death. The police guarded themselves as they uncovered that they were really safeguarding themselves from a brutal suspect.

Lindani Myeni’s bodycam shooting video says that there were no defenses to shoot him. As indicated by Luke Kurkowski, Lindani had no clue about men moving toward him. He was scared to be encircled by a gathering of cops. Reports from ENCA say that he had punched the officials, who were subsequently found with wounds.

Name Lindsay Myeni
Age 20-30 years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Married/Single Married
Husband Lindani Myeni (d. 2021)
Facebook Lindsay Myeni

According to the bodycam film, a crying lady highlighted somebody illuminating the officials that a person was taking a vehicle. The police moved toward the person, who turned out to be Lindani, and in the wake of blinding him with an electric lamp, they shot him to death.

Lindani Myeni was hitched to his American spouse named Lindsay Myeni. Moreover, the couples were bringing up their two small kids in Hawaii. His significant other portrayed him as a peaceful person. The two had met when Lindsay was on her main goal in South Africa. She is devasted to discover how the cops took care of the circumstance.

The survivor of a deadly police shooting, Lindani Myeni’s family, needs him to be covered in KwaZulu-Natal. His family has likewise coordinated a pledge drive program to take his body back to South Africa. As of not long ago, the pledge drive has had the option to raise $11.8 thousand.