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Lizzie Bravo is a Brazilian artist and photographic artist that used to remain outside Abbey Road studios wanting to get a brief look at the Beatles folks.

On Feb. 14, 1967, she showed up in London and went through some insane years close to the Beatles band folks. she sang foundation vocals on “Across the Universe.”

The Beatles: Lizzie Bravo Wikipedia has not been found under her biography; in any case, she has been referenced on the Wikipedia page of The Beatles.

Her real name is Elizabeth from Rio de Janeiro; notwithstanding, she went to Lizzie in the wake of hearing John singing “Woozy Miss Lizzy.” She has been a Beatles fan beginning around 1964. She went to London with her companion Denise in the wake of getting a boarding pass as her fifteenth birthday celebration present from her folks and stayed there until late 1969.

She became one of the band’s biggest fans, following the Fab Four every step of the way. In the end, her fixation took care of when Paul McCartney requested that Lizzie sing in “Across the Universe.”

Lizzie Bravo’s age is uncovered to be 70 years starting at 2021, as she was born in 1951. She has a ton of stories and pictures about the gold hallucinogenic period and has worked for quite a long time to distribute her journals! Furthermore, presently it’s distributed.

It’s 300 full-shading pages, with 210 unpublished photographs of the Beatles, and she has posted a couple in her blog previously. The pics in her book show the amount she cherished the young men.

Her little girl Marya has kept up the family’s melodic custom by joining the cast of the melodic The Beatles in a Diamond Sky, watched by more than 350,000 individuals in Brazil.

She is as yet searching for a distributer for the English variant of From Rio to Abbey Road. Lizzie Bravo Husband is uncovered to be Zé Rodrix, who was the late vocalist and author.

After getting back to Brazil in 1969, Elizabeth sought after a singing vocation and met her significant other in March 1970 at a practice of Bituca’s show and hitched in December of that very year.

In October 1971, she brought forth Marya Bravo. One of his most renowned arrangements was from that year, “Casa no Campo,” re-recorded by Elis Regina, among others.

Of late, Lizzie has lived with her brother in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Fourteen days prior, she was conceded to go through a system for heart arrhythmia, an inborn sickness that she had controlled with medicine for quite a long time.

She didn’t recuperate well from the intercession and died unexpectedly in the late evening of ton Oct. 4, 2021.

She is an unsalvageable misfortune for Beatlemania and MPB since Lizzie Bravo is basic in everything envisioned in great present day Brazilian music as an artist.