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Lola Luna Washington is the person who killed a blameless young lady Syanna Puryear Tucker from Kitsap County. She is right now confronting preliminary and is blamed for genuine accusations while there is news coming up with regards to her bail.

We have the most recent update about the young person. Going through the article you will be educated with regards to the whereabouts of Lola Luna and furthermore have the option to comprehend her case exhaustively.

Lola Luna Washington is a 16-year-old young lady who is at present dealing with indictments of homicide. She was kept in the Kitsap County adolescent confinement while it has been formally affirmed that she has as of late escaped jail on $1,00,000 bail.

Her folks are going through a difficult stretch and are managing defacing, following, and dangers for their little girl’s activities. They have gone after help from the police however they can do very little with regards to it.

As indicated by sources, Lola and her family are intending to sell their home in Kitsap County and move elsewhere. While the court has rigorously requested that their girl ought to be in a home fitted with an electronic gadget for 24 hours of reconnaissance.

Then again, the casualty’s family is baffled to see that she was forgotten about in a modest quantity of cash. They feel that an individual who is now accused of second-degree murder ought not be permitted to remain outside of jail.

It was recently in January 2021 when two youngsters Puryear Tucker and Lola Luna got into a battle. As indicated by the police reports, the battle had begun in the front yard of Luna’s home while the reason for the contention isn’t known.

The 16-year-old expressed that she acted justifiably. In any case, it is demonstrated to be an expectation of homicide as she had cut Puryear Tucker no less than multiple times and was at that point dead when she was taken to the clinic.

The case has been more dubious after her new bail. Individuals have begun to rebel against the choice made by the court and case that the youngster is a danger to everyone and no one is protected until she is out.

Syanna Puryear Tucker’s folks have been broken by their little girl’s demise. His dad Ryan Puryear-Tucker said in one of the meetings that his life has totally changed since the time his little girl is no more.

They are expecting a reasonable preliminary and have full confidence in the equity office. They can’t win back the existence of their little girl yet are trusting that the killer gets no chance to get out.