Loughborough Kidnapping Victim Angel Lynne, Snatched and Left Paralyzed & Community Active In Fundraiser


Chay Bowskill was noticed LAUGHING in the dock all through the preliminary, stole the 19-year-old, and tossed her from a vehicle going at 60 mph.

She supported cerebrum harm and is currently “shut-in” from the rest of the world for the remainder of her life, incapable to move, impart, or feed herself.


What Befell Angel Lynne? Heavenly messenger Lynn was removed the road in Rothley, Leicestershire, in September 2020, when she was 19 years of age, after a question with her then-sweetheart, Chay Bowskill. She was left incapacitated and unfit to talk.

Ms. Lynn, from Loughborough, was tossed from the vehicle as it was speeding down the A6 close to Mountsorrel. She has critical head and mind harm and can’t move, impart, or eat.

Chay Bowskill was seen as at real fault for seizing, controlling and coercive conduct, and distorting the course of equity at Leicester Crown Court and condemned to seven and a half years in prison. Albeit the examiner asserted Angel got pushed out of the van, the jury viewed Bowskill not blameworthy of causing real harm.

Loughborough Kidnapping Victim Fundraiser and Petition On Monday, Chay was condemned to a sum of seven and a half years in prison, with three years and nine months of spending time in jail in the slammer.

He will be qualified for discharge in June 2024, in light of the time he has effectively served on remand. Heavenly messenger’s family is incensed that Bowskill got only two years in jail for the seizing, albeit the wrongdoing conveys a possible discipline of life in jail.

Regarding Angel Lynne Parents and Family Heavenly messenger Lynne was born to her folks, Nikki and Patrick Lynne. Her folks have an age hole of five years.

Her mom, Nikki, said she left the court when the recording of her darling little girl being grabbed was at first shown in light of the fact that it made her “debilitated and furious.”

As he snickered in the court while reviewing his girl’s agony, Patrick said he wanted to go over the dock and “figuring Bowskill out.” “Awful, I didn’t watch it from the get go,” the mother expressed, of how the awful film of her little girl being captured caused her to feel.

Her mindful guardians, the two cleaners from Loughborough, Leicestershire, guarantee they are presently confronting a long period of costs of a huge number of pounds to really focus on her at home.