Lynn Tolliver Jr Passed Away At The Age Of 71


Lynn Tolliver Jr., a radio character from Cleveland, died on February 13 at 71 years old. Since the mid 1980s, he has been a noticeable DJ on 93.1 WZAK. Lynn died of an unexplained sickness, as per WKSU. The radio broadcast confirmed the news in an online media post, composing:

“A Cleveland symbol has died. Lynn Tolliver Jr. was the one who acquainted big-time radio with WZAK during the 1980s. As of now, our considerations and petitions are with his close family.”

About Lynn Tolliver Jr. For was a notable radio character who assisted set the WZAK with radioing station on the guide during the 1980s. He stayed at the station until 2000, after which he resigned and kept on communicating his web radio broadcast, Radio 9311.

Tolliver spent the a large portion of his profession in radio after beforehand working in industrial facilities, delivering a couple of fruitful radio undertakings, filling in as an advertiser, and enjoying five years with the United States Postal Service. He was a metropolitan contemporary program chief at Detroit’s MCA prior to moving to Cleveland.

Lynn Tolliver Jr For indicated by the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters, he organized tricks during his transmissions and gave prizes to audience members who made an appearance with the biggest cockroaches or set underwear on their heads. In 1993, his radio broadcasts got three Billboard Awards. Lynn was the principal Black individual to get the Excellence in Broadcasting grant from the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters. Lynn worked at WZAK for a long time.

As well as being a radio character, he was a craftsman who delivered melodies with his gathering S*xual Harassment. He even made the tune “I Need a Freak” in 1983. He won an argument against a previous accomplice on I Need a Freak who authorized the tune’s utilization without his approval. It was inspected in the tune My Humps by Black Eyed Peas, which provoked the copyright encroachment claim.