Man Sentenced for 1982 Ax Murder of His Wife After the Case Went Unsolved for Nearly 40 Years


A 70-year-old New York man who was viewed as at legitimate fault for using an ax to kill his better half in 1982 was condemned to 25 years to life on Monday, the Monroe Region District Attorney stated on her official Twitter account.

“James Krauseneck was condemned to the max 25 years to Life for killing Cathleen Krauseneck with an ax while she rested in her Brighton home in 1982,” DA Sandra Doorley tweeted.

“Here at the MCDA’s office, we don’t abandon casualties. We will do our best to get equity, even 40 years later.” On February 19, 1982, Brighton Cops were called to James’ home, which he shared with his better half Cathleen and their 3-year-old daughter Sara. His 29-year-old spouse was tracked down deceased in her bed.

“Reports show that Cathleen was killed from a hit in the head with an ax while she rested,” Doorley stated in a September official statement.

For years, police searched for whoever killed the youthful mother as she laid down with her daughter nearby. Decades passed and the case went cold.

Since 2015, Doorley and investigators from the Monroe Province District Attorney’s Office worked with the Brighton Police Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Monroe Area Investigative laboratory and famous forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden to further audit the case.

In November 2019, James was indicted by a grand jury on a second-degree murder charge. In September, he was tracked down liable by a Monroe District jury.

“I’m pleased to be a part of the team who found equity for Cathleen Krauseneck 40 years after James Krauseneck took an ax from his garage and utilized it to strike her head while she was asleep,” Assistant District Attorney Patrick Gallagher said in a statement. “It has been one of the great pleasures of my career to get to know Cathy’s family and to have the option to help in securing equity for their cherished one,” he said. Before his sentencing on Monday, James addressed the court where he maintained his innocence, TV station WHAM detailed.

“I didn’t kill Cathy,” he said. “I cherished Cathy with all my heart and with all my spirit. I continue to be haunted by why someone would murder such a beautiful person.”

The couple’s daughter upheld her father James, whom she said was “convicted of a wrongdoing he didn’t perpetrate.”

Sara Krauseneck Youthful added, “The equity framework has failed my parents, myself and the two sides of my family.” Cathleen’s father, Robert Schlosser, accused James of brainwashing Sara and told her they continued to adore her before addressing her daughter’s executioner. “Jim, I want to believe that you live to be 100 years old and partake in your new home.”

The station revealed James’ attorney plans to appeal.