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As of late, a man was murdered by the Alameda police in California for something that doesn’t sound sensible. Various recordings have been delivered with respect to the case.

Individuals have been challenging this case on the grounds that the casualty was executed a similar manner by which the police slaughtered George Floyd, and there was no substantial avocation.

Mario Gonzalez was the one who was killed by the police mercilessly in light in Alameda, California. Mario had some liquor inside a bin and was sitting in a recreation center.

The police conversed with Mario for around 9 minutes, and they began turning him on the ground. In fact, the recordings delivered don’t show anything incorrectly that Mario might have done.

Mario was a basic man yet was lethally slaughtered by the police, and the justification this episode is unquestionably the racial segregation going on since he was a Latino man.

The group of Mario Gonzalez has been seen on the media requesting equity for their child. There is no reasonable data on who are the individuals from his family, however they are effectively attempting to battle against the brutality.

Also, there are no particular insights about the spouse of Mario Gonzalez by the same token. It is normal that more on his family and spouse is to be delivered soon by the authority sources.

Mario Gonzalez’s age was 26 years of age when he died. Nonetheless, his precise date of birth has not been uncovered by the police yet. They just detailed that Mario was just 26 years of age.

He was a local of Alameda, California, so he may have been born in California, the USA, which is yet to be affirmed.

Also, Mario Gonzalez isn’t referenced on Wikipedia since he was only an average person carrying on with his life. Nonetheless, his case may be referenced soon on Wikipedia after the legitimate examinations reach a conclusion.