May Edochie Receives Knock Over Her Anniversary Message To Pete Edochie And Wife

May Yul Edochie, spouse of entertainer Yul Edochie, has been chastised for her commemoration message to her father by marriage, Pete, and wife.

Recently, October first, Pete Edochie and his better half commended their 53rd wedding commemoration.

May Edochie shared a wonderful photograph of the couple to remember their extraordinary day, as she said thanks to God for the endowment of life.

The mother of four appealed to God to reinforce and comfort them both.

“If it’s not too much trouble, go along with me in complimenting the extraordinary @peteedochie and his delightful spouse.

” We thank the All-powerful for the endowment of life. 53 years despite everything counting! May God proceed to fortify and favor you both.”

Due to the pressure among her and her better half, May Edochie would not allude to the couple as her parents in law, which disturbed a many individuals.

A many individuals were outraged when the excellence force to be reckoned with alluded to Pete Edochie as “the extraordinary.”

Many were disheartened, saying that May Edochie ought to have remembered them as her parents in law for custom.

“You might have added my folks, daddy, or sir coming from a relative!”.

That extraordinary @peteedochie sounded horrible and discourteous, however I don’t claim to know everything, one Jessy Love

“You might have added father by marriage or daddy/mummy,” says one more Honored Brilliance.

“She’s careful not to call them father by marriage and mother by marriage,”. Pete Edochie and his better half are fabulous.

Everybody’s white will be stained by the reckless child, one Euphrosa composed.

“I like how you utilized the extraordinary and his better half rather than my inlaws to show that you’re not kidding,” one Moonhope Virgo composed.