“May Should Divorce” – Netizens Debate About Yul Edochie’s Wives.

It is notable that Nollywood entertainer Yul Edochie’s second union with his associate Judy Austin will keep on causing discussion. This happened as Netizens discussed Judy Austin’s senior spouse, May Edochie, in the remarks area.

Inconvenience started when Judy Austin shared in the background photographs from a film she is co-composing with her significant other.
She recognized Yul as the chief and other cast individuals.


A devotee pummeled Judy Austin in the remarks segment, saying that assuming a day goes by without her posting about Yul, her heart will be broken. She additionally asserted Yul keeps on embarrassing Judy since he is engrossed with his most memorable spouse.

This rankled another adherent, who prompted May to separate from Yul and continue on toward another man.

@cindy40628 expressed that assuming a day goes by without you posting Yul, your heart will be broken. I want to believe that he did likewise for you. He is distracted with chasing after May, who keeps on embarrassing him. You unfortunate thing!

@cindy40628 answered @simoneycash: May is no one; quit taking care of your inner self with lies; Yul is going about his business; May ought to seek legal separation and presumably search for another man; Yul has continued on by wedding Judy; we expect May to do likewise.

@andisiwehlanganise answered @simoneycash with: Do you accept superstars make some simple memories petitioning for legal separation?

@cindy40628 answered @simoneycash with: Yul loves May. Yul can bear to lose an honest lady. A lady who remained by a pointless man when he didn’t have anything while at the same time bringing up her four lovely kids. A lady who unloaded a monster who thought her reliability was because of an absence of choices. A lady who will not be tormented and takes what is legitimately hers. A lady who grasps the law and appreciates playing with words. She doesn’t need to show the world a man to demonstrate she’s continued on. Her activities represent themselves. You won’t ever see her post Yul. Yul continues to post about her. At long last, who has advanced?

@marleychiz answered @cindy40628 : very much said

@simoncash answered @cindy40628: On the off chance that she has continued on, she ought to petition for legal separation; until, she is as yet dreaming. Individuals continue on when they petition for legal separation and pack their possessions from her better half’s home. That is progress.

@simoneycash answered @andisiwehlanganise: nothing troublesome, such countless individuals separate, let her go.