Meet Billie Eilish’s Parents Patrick O’Connell, Maggie Baird, and Her Brother, Finneas

Billie Eilish comes from a group of performers. Her mom, Maggie Baird, is an entertainer, proficient artist, and screenwriter while her dad, Patrick O’Connell, is an entertainer.

Her more established brother, Finneas Baird O’Connell, is likewise a vocalist, musician, maker, and entertainer. He co-composed and created Billie’s breakout single, “Sea Eyes”.

Not since the times of Madonna and Michael Jackson has the world seen a pop symbol looking like Billie Eilish. In a splendid profession traversing only three years, the American vocalist has scored a platinum collection and various honors (counting around seven Grammys).

She has additionally sold great many records and has set style with her consistently changing hairdos and affinity for loose garments.

The vocalist is presently hailed as a Gen Z pop symbol and she could not have possibly accomplished that status without the assistance of her relatives.

Her brother Finneas is her imaginative accomplice and he has written/created a portion of her most popular tunes.

Eilish’s Mother Maggie Baird is an Actress, Professional Dancer, and Musician

  • Full Name – Maggie May Baird
  • Date of Birth – 29 March 1959
  • Occupation – Actress, Professional dancer, Screenwriter
  • Years Active – 1981 till date
  • Notable Projects – The X-Files, Life Inside Out, Friends, and Bones.
  • Husband – Patrick Mead O’Connell
  • Children – Two

Her Father is Also a Working Actor

  • Full Name – Patrick Mead O’Connell
  • Date of Birth – 7 July 1957
  • Occupation – Actor
  • Years Active – 1983 to present
  • Notable Projects – The West Wing, Iron Man, and Life Inside Out
  • Spouse – Maggie Baird
  • Children – Two

Finneas Has Won A Few Grammy Awards Alongside His Sister

  • Full Name – Finneas Baird O’Connell
  • Date of Birth – 30 July 1997
  • Occupation – Singer, songwriter, producer, and actor
  • Years Active – 2011 – present
  • Girlfriend – Claudia Sulewski
  • No. of EPs – one (Blood Harmony)
  • Notable Movies and TV Shows – Modern Family, Glee, and Bad Teacher

Billie Eilish’s Folks have likewise been an indispensable piece of her excursion, supporting all her innovative interests and giving her the required help.

It may not be completely off-base to say that Billie Eilish’s Folks handed down her a few creative qualities seeing as the two of them are engaged with the stage.

Her Mother Maggie studied theater and dance at the College of Utah prior to moving out to New York to seek after her profession during the 80s.

She has since showed up in a few plays in Los Angeles, Broadway, and territorial performance centers across the U.S. She has additionally scored piece parts in motion pictures, for example, Hyper, and Marilyn’s Hotchkiss’ while her television credits incorporate Bones, The X-Documents, Dead, The West Wing, and Companions.

Eilish’s mother likewise burned through six years as a part and educator with the Groundlings Comedy Theater. She likewise composed the content, acted in, co-delivered, and gave the soundtrack to the film, Life Back to front. The 2013 family show follows a grieved young person who finds comfort in music and the lead job was played by Eilish’s brother, Finneas.

Maggie glossed over his mother and their endeavors paid as the film got great surveys and won best picture and audience #1 at many film celebrations.

Maggie is genuinely multi-capable and even has a 11-track down home collection in her possession named We Sail. She has since downsized her performance work for supporting her girl on visit. She likewise runs the foundation, Backing and Feed, a not-for-profit that gives plant-based food to individuals out of luck.

Another cherished parent that Billie Eilish has is her father, Patrick O’Connell. As a matter of fact, the vocalist is so near her father that she calls him his closest companion.

Patrick is likewise a functioning entertainer and has scored piece parts in creations like The West Wing, Suddenly, and Iron Man.


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He never hit it big in the film business however thus needed to enhance his pay by accomplishing other work, including development occupations. Now that his little girl is a genius, Patrick has no requirement for development occupations any longer but instead joins his youngsters on visit. He assists with stuff like props and is compensated for his time.

Considering all the abovementioned, clearly Billie Eilish’s folks are unassuming people however a few fans are not getting it.

They rather accept that she comes from a showbiz family and that it was her folks that assisted her and her brother with acquiring a traction in the music business.

These arrangements of fans additionally accept that Billie Eilish’s folks were rich and gotten her and her brother every one of the costly vocal examples they required.


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The two well known kin have enthusiastically dismissed this multitude of allegations of nepotism and demanded that they made their own example of overcoming adversity.

As per them, their folks were never big shots in the business however working entertainers who needed to enhance their pay with other the lowest pay permitted by law occupations.

Finneas has even brought up that they were the ones that took care of their folks’ home loan and furthermore pay them a compensation for accompanying them on visit.

This is to commute home the message that he and his sister are not a few rich children who utilized their folks’ abundance to break into the business.

As each and every individual who knows all about Billie Eilish’s profession knows, her brother Finneas is fundamental to the achievement that she has accomplished in the music business.

Truth be told, he was the one that co-composed and created her breakout single, “Sea Eyes”. As a little fellow experiencing childhood in Good country Park, Los Angeles, Finneas normally got to know the showbiz business and framed his alt-musical gang, The Slightlys, while in secondary school. They delivered around three tunes and won a few Clash of the Groups contest.


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They additionally played the Distorted Visit in 2015. While working with his band, Finneas additionally made out chance to work with his sister and they started recording melodies and putting them on SoundCloud. The third single, “Sea’s Eyes”, would circulate around the web and in the long run push Eilish to fame.

From that point forward, Finneas has been with his sister constantly. He co-composed and created every one of the 14 melodies on her most memorable collection, When We as a whole Nod off. He likewise accomplished something almost identical for the 16 tracks on her subsequent collection, More joyful than at any other time.

Finneas and his sister additionally concocted the signature tune for the most recent James Bond film, “No Opportunity to Die”. That melody brought them the Grammy grant for best musician for visual media at the 2021 Grammys. This adds to the next Grammy grants that they have won together, including best tune, best record, and best collection.

Finneas has likewise won independent Grammy grants, including maker of the year (non-traditional) and best-designed collection (non-old style) at the 2021 Grammys.

Billie Eilish’s Brother Additionally Has His Own Independent Music Profession The brightness of Finneas’ creation work with his sister has made him perhaps of pop’s most sought after maker and he has worked with any semblance of Selena Gomez, Camilla Cabello, John Legend, and Ashe. Concerning his own music profession, Finneas actually plays with his band, The Slightlys.

He has additionally delivered a few performance singles, tending towards the heartfelt indie-pop class, and an EP named Blood Congruity (2019).

Furthermore, he has featured shows in New York and Los Points and had his initially featuring visit in October 2019. Asides from his music ability, Finneas O’Connell likewise fiddled into going about as a teen and scored visitor appearances in shows like Present day Family and Merriment. He likewise had a piece part in the 2011 film, Terrible Educator.


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Who are the guardians of Billie Eilish? Billie Eilish guardians are Maggie May Baird (mother) and Patrick Mead O’Connell (father). While her mother is an entertainer, proficient artist, and screenwriter, her father is an entertainer and has been dynamic in the business beginning around 1983.

What number of kin does Billie Eilish have? Billie Eilish has just a single brother named Finneas Baird O’Connell. Very much like his sister, Finneas is additionally a performer. He is a vocalist, lyricist, maker, and entertainer known for his jobs on Present day Family, Happiness, and Terrible Instructor.