Michelle Rodriguez Recalls Being ‘Ripped Away’ from Mom and Placed in Foster Care at 6: ‘Very Scary’

Michelle Rodriguez is reviewing a “exceptionally startling experience” from her life as a youngster.

At the 2022 A Feeling of Home Celebration in Beverly Slopes on Thursday, coordinated by the not-for-profit noble cause of a similar name, Rodriguez, 44, uncovered she burned through three years in child care as a youngster. She respected creator Regina Louise for her work supporting for youngsters in the child care framework.


“I was around 6 years of age, San Antonio, and I was torn away from my mom and being placed in the framework.

Furthermore, that s- – – is terrifying, excuse my language,” the Quick and Irate entertainer said. “It’s an extremely unnerving encounter to lose your feeling of home. I was sufficiently fortunate to be brought together with my family three years after the fact, however I will always remember what it resembles to not feel like you have a place,” Rodriguez proceeded.

“It’s an extremely strong and dull spot that you can fall into,” she added. “Furthermore, love is something so significant for each human to encounter in their life, and I’m only glad to be here to help such a reason since I think what you’re doing is perfect.” During Rodriguez’s discourse, the entertainer showed a trailer for the 2019 Lifetime film I’m Someone’s Youngster: The Regina Louise Story, about the creator’s genuine youth in the child care framework and social laborer Jeanne Kerr’s fruitless endeavor to embrace Louise.

Rodriguez proceeded to make sense of the creator invested energy in “30 distinct homes after that experience of being not permitted to be cultivated by this magnificent lady that needed to deal with her and show her affection.” “They kept everything from her, even letters that [the would-be] supportive mother kept in touch with her.

I simply fail to see how individuals could be so mean,” Rodriguez said, prior to telling Louise, “Fella, you are a power.” “Regina left child care all alone at 18,” Rodriguez said. “What’s more, without help from anyone else without anybody to go to, she found business and she taught herself, and she searched constantly for the social specialist who needed to take on her.”

“We’re so glad to respect Regina this evening and for her long, courageous battle despite everything and tracking down her direction to this, to a feeling of home,” the entertainer said of the creator. “We honor Regina for being a rousing lady to oppose the framework that looked to break her.”

Back in 2015, Rodriguez opened up to Meet with magazine about experiencing childhood in Texas then the Dominican Republic and Jersey City, and how she was “scarred” by being raised Jehovah’s Observer. She said it was “like carrying on with a twofold life” going to chapel and school.

“I spent the start of my life in Texas, and afterward my folks got separated and I went to the Dominican Republic, learned Spanish, failed to remember each expression of English I knew, and afterward, when I was around 11, 12, we moved to Jersey City,” she said at that point. “Wherever I go I’m a pariah.”

She added, “The manner in which I endure experiencing childhood in Jersey City was by being amusing. It wasn’t by being extreme.”