Missing Calif. Mom Found Dead in Remote Area, Ex-Husband Who’d ‘Expressed His Concerns’ Is Arrested


A missing California mother was found dead three days after police said they tracked down blood and indications of a battle in her home, and her ex has been captured.

The Simi Valley Police Office said in a delivery that Rachel Castillo, 25, was tracked down dead Sunday in a distant region in the Gazelle Valley.


On Thursday, officials answered Castillo’s loft in the wake of getting an emergency call from her sister, Emily Castillo, with whom the casualty lived. Answering officials found “a lot of blood,” and there were indications of a battle, police said in a delivery, adding that Castillo’s own possessions, including her PDA, vehicle and vehicle keys, were still in the home.

Police said the essential suspect for the situation is Castillo’s ex, Zarbab Ali, who was captured Sunday at his folks’ home regarding Castillo’s passing.

Ventura Region Prison records show that Ali is in prison on a crime murder accusation with a bail measure of $510,000. The prison records list Ali’s occupation as math instructor.

It’s not promptly clear in the event that Ali has entered a request or held a lawyer to remark for his sake.

The Simi Valley Oak seed, refering to Castillo’s mom, Robyn, reports Castillo was a mother of two stirred marking individuals up for state medical care.

She was contemplating to turn into a specialist.

Robyn depicted her little girl to the power source as “a great mother, a decent sister and girl and companion.”

Robyn let ABC7 know that before the revelation of her little girl’s remaining parts, Ali “communicated his interests” about her prosperity.

“He said he was extremely grieved and trusted that she was alright. It appeared to be an exceptionally typical discussion,” Robyn said.

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