Netizens Mock Bola Tinubu As APC Releases A New ‘Exercise’ Video To Demonstrate His Health.

As the 2023 preferred election procedures, Netizens have cast diffused criticism on the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu. This comes after Bola Tinubu released a video of himself biking critically at his amusement with the intention to dispel rumors that he had died.

Netizens slammed him for releasing such a video to prove he’s alive, hale, and hearty in reaction to the video. Tinubu, who changed into no longer present at the National Peace Committee’s peace accord, become stated to have flown in a foreign country on a clinical experience to London, United Kingdom.

While human rights activist Rinu Oduala reposted and in reality tagged the video “Mr Macaroni” reminiscing the nursery rhymes which are currently trending on Twitter, others went the extra mile to create a comedian photoshop out of the video.

“Tinubu, Nigerians have seen you walk on many occasions, u using an workout motorbike doesn’t change the fact that u have medical! Troubles.” Ur group is working difficult in your public members of the family, however not anything! Ng will exchange; the APC is a fai!Ure, and you are not worthy to run for president.” Daniel Regha wrote.

“Politics in Nigeria is a comedy display,” Rinu Oduala wrote.

“Even that comedy is embarrassed,” August Oka wrote.

Affliction will never rise again, consistent with Kelechi. Please, God, store us due to the fact what is this Scooby Doo display?”

Mr. Beardless “Make all aspirants just do a 100m race, “Whoever wins the election to be President, una rely don tire me.” Smallie wrote.

“Cassava garri wà eheheh,” Savage wrote.

You are strong for riding a motorbike for 7 seconds, abi? Let’s see if Ogbeni can positioned a thread thru a needle in public.” Henry Shield wrote.

“They need to show us the video of ways he were given on that motorcycle,” Even posting this video demonstrates that he isn’t in exact fitness. God will punish every person who packaged this man. Do they think we’re idiots? What is the importance of this nonsense? I’m sure he’ll get off that motorbike proper away and drip instantly.” Ebimor wrote.