Ninjaboogie Claims On Twitter That SMG Fired Him Over Death Of His Mother

On Twitter, Ninjaboogie, a DOTA 2 player, charges Team SMG ‘threw’ him out on the grounds that his mom “was in her last days.”

Ninjaboogie a.k.a Michael Ross is a carefully prepared contender who has taken an interest in various Major and TI rivalries. In January 2021, the Filipino player joined Team SMG however scarcely endured three months.

In February 2022, he got back to the crew and played in the Dota Pro Circuit’s SEA Tour 2.

Group SMG performed splendidly, however not alright to acquire a spot in the Stockholm Major and no DPC focuses. According to reports, Team SMG picked to supplant Ninjaboogie again during the accompanying season.

Ninjaboogie Aka Michael Ross On Twitter Ninjaboogie has a lot of tweets in the current circumstance with Team SMG on his Twitter account.

According to sources, Ninjaboogie disavows Team SMG again, yet this time he uncovers the wild conditions around the kick.

Group SMG’s position 5 player, Michael “Ninjaboogie” Ross Jr., has left the Dota 2 cutthroat scene.

Moreover, he has recently worked with the association on a parttime premise. This time, however, maybe the breakdown will be sharp. Ninjaboogie charges he was ousted from Team SMG for an appalling explanation.

Why Is Ninjaboogie Fired? After just three months together, Team SMG has headed out in different directions from hard help player Michael “Ninjaboogie” Ross Jr.

In an articulation delivered today, the Southeast Asian organization, which is as of now contending in Division I of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021/2022, hailed the 30-year-old for his “excitement, difficult work, and responsibility.”

Nonetheless, in direct reaction to the tweet, the Flipino-American competitor mentioned that the association be all the more straightforward.

Tell the public the genuine reason for his excusal, the help player answered. He was booted since his mom “was in her last days,” as per the competitor.

Ninjaboogie Age: Did His Mother Die? The crew booted him since they dreaded his mom’s demise would impact his exhibition, according to Ninjaboogie, 30 years old. His mom, who died on Monday, had stage four disease, so he had expected “this day would come” for quite a while.

Also, Ninjaboogie acquired a great deal of support from Dota 2 experts and ability, who identified with him and the vexing position.

He purportedly needed to modify his movement to invest more energy with his loved ones. In any case, the crew decided to go on without him in the wake of cautioning his preferred group chief MidOne.