“No plans going forward to have any relationship with him”: Andrew Callaghan response statement explored as Tim Heidecker dumps comedian

YouTuber Andrew Callaghan has answered the new s*xual attack charges against him that have become visible. In the interim, his narrative maker Tim Heidecker has reported that there are “no plans” to work with him once more. One more casualty has likewise approached from that point forward.

As of late, three ladies took to TikTok to blame the Channel 5 maker for s*xual attack. Alongside them, a few different ladies secretly imparted their horrendous encounters to Andrew Callaghan, where they claimed to have been mishandled by the famous comic.


As the claims spread like quickly across virtual entertainment stages, Andrew Callaghan’s maker of his HBO narrative This Spot Rules, Tim Heidecker, tended to the allegations. On his webcast Available time, Heidecker declared on January 12 that he had no ventures agreed with the YouTuber after the allegations became exposed. He likewise guaranteed devotees that he remains by the ones who have approached. Heidecker said on his web recording:

“We’re mindful of the charges. We treat them extremely in a serious way. It’s been extremely miserable and disheartening without a doubt. I simply need to two or three things. We have no expert connection with Andrew as of now and have no plans going ahead to have any relationship with him… we created the film, and I feel awful that this film presently has these charges attached to it since a few excellent individuals buckled down on it. Yet, it’s simply a film, and I need to say we accept these ladies that approached and, obviously, thoroughly censure the sort of conduct that Andrew’s been blamed for.”

In a proclamation, the 25-year old’s legitimate delegates reported that Andrew Callaghan is “crushed” by the new charges that have become visible. They proceeded to add that the YouTuber wishes to “learn and develop” by having discussions about “tension and assent.” As per TMZ, the legitimate rep uncovered that the YouTuber was being coerced for cash by supposed casualty Caroline Elise. Callaghan’s rep said in their explanation:

TMZ uncovered that Elise requested to be paid before Callaghan’s HBO narrative circulated on the web. After the last option would not settle up, the supposed casualty delivered her TikTok recordings uncovering him.

The first of the three casualties to approach on TikTok was Caroline Elise. She uncovered that Andrew Callaghan “wore [her] down” to have s*x until she concurred. She proceeded to uncover that she at last gave assent with at least some expectations of simply getting the evening “done.” In the TikTok video, she likewise uncovered that she was intoxicated on the night the attack occurred.

Another TikToker named Dana additionally blamed Andrew Callaghan for s*xual attack. She uncovered that the YouTuber forced her to have s*x with him in a vehicle. She proceeded to add that he contacted her improperly and furthermore attempted to put his without a doubt her jeans on various occasions.

Today, one more casualty approached on TikTok under the handle @olive.yeahh. She uncovered in the video that Callaghan needed to come to her home and proceeded to compress her to get cozy with him.