Noah Beck Height, Age and 8 Other Facts You Should Know About The TikTok Star

American virtual entertainment character, Noah Beck, is 21 years of age and stands at least 5 feet 11 inches.

In the event that you are know about the video-sharing application TikTok, you have likely known about Noah Beck, a previous hopeful expert soccer player turned web sensation.

He is one of the youthful grown-ups who joined TikTok in 2020. In any case, dissimilar to the vast majority of the other people who got the stage together with him, he had the option to gather a large number of devotees before the year finished, because of the many clasps he posted that year for which TikTok named him among its main 10 breakout makers of 2020.

His TikTok recordings to the side, the virtual entertainment star is known in light of multiple factors, including his attractive features, his obvious six-packs, his relationship with the famous Influence House, his relationship with the TikTok sovereign Dixie D’Amelio, and his viral unequivocal photoshoot with the UK-born photographic artist named Damon Bread cook.

However, on the off chance that that is all you are familiar Noah Beck, you truly have a ton to make up for lost time with.

Fortunately, you can track down a lot of data about him here, going from his level to his age and significantly more.

10. Noah Beck Is More than 5 Feet Tall Various sources have revealed various figures as Noah Beck’s level, in any case, the uniqueness isn’t a lot. Noah turned 20 on the fourth of May 2021 and as per information distributed by the Habitats for Infectious prevention and Avoidance (CDC) in December 2018, the normal level for American men matured 20 or more is 5 feet 9 inches (175.4 cm).

As indicated by Renowned Birthday celebrations, the TikTok star remains at 5 feet 11 inches (180.3 cm), yet Wikipedia has it that the previous soccer player is 6 feet 0 inches tall (182.8 cm), simply an inch or 2.5 cm contrast from the previous’ report. One way or the other however, he is as yet taller than a typical American man.

This makes sense of why he could play school football as a midfielder as the normal level of school midfielders by division level is 5 feet 10 inches.


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9. He Was Born In The Long stretch Of May The TikTok VIP was born on the fourth of May 2001 in Peoria, Arizona. He, in any case, experienced childhood in West Valley, and at present lives in Los Angeles, California. In light of his date of birth, Noah’s zodiac sign is Taurus. While nothing is had some significant awareness of his experience growing up and guardians, aside from his mom’s name which is supposed to be Amy, it is widely known that he has two more established sisters named Haley Beck and Tatum Beck.

Haley, the most seasoned of the kin, was born on June 14, 1998, while Tatum was born on September 29, 1999.

This implies that the previous is right around three years more established than Noah while the last option is roughly one year and eight months more established than him.

Haley is an instructor, as per her Instagram bio, however very much like Noah, Tatum is a star on TikTok. She joined the application in January 2018 and has acquired than 2.6 million supporters, on account of her satire video clasps and her lip-sync recordings. The kin likewise have a cousin named Holly Beck, who is additionally well known on TikTok.

8. Beck’s Notoriety Came Solely From TikTok Before he wandered into TikTok, Noah’s virtual entertainment presence was nearly at nothing. He began utilizing the application effectively during the Covid pandemic that hit the whole world in 2020, bringing about a lockdown. Because of his attractive features, he began getting a ton of consideration on the application.

His content includes moves and plays that utilize viral sounds, which are sound determinations from moving Network programs, motion pictures, tunes, or TikTok recordings of others.

Noah posted his most memorable video on the stage in January 2020, and it shows him doing a lip-sync of DaBaby’s unequivocal section on rapper Megan You Steed’s tune named “Money Poop”.

From that point forward, the video has had multiple million perspectives, north of 387,000 likes, and got in excess of 35,000 remarks. The star discussed how the entire TikTok venture began in a meeting with Complex distributed on February 18, 2021. As per him, around the finish of January 2020, he was back in Arizona with his family and his more established sister came into his room, inquiring as to whether he had TikTok and he said OK. She went further to inquire as to whether he had a record on the application and he said no then she started to kind of gloat about the quantity of adherents she had (7,000 at that point). Unamused, Noah basically told her, “Really great for you.” In the mean time, he had around 2,000 devotees on Instagram then.

Proceeding, Noah said his sister continued to let him know that she had more than triple of his devotees on Instagram, and this sort of lit a flash in him. In spite of the fact that he said it didn’t truly have anything to do with rivalry, he made it that and his sister additionally worked everything out. Subsequently, Noah made a TikTok account that evening and posted two recordings. Shockingly, when he got up the next morning, he previously had an incredible 20,000 devotees. Energetically, he got up right away and went to show his sister.

After that evening, he said, he kind of set it to the side. Having partaken in his little snapshot of acclaim, he was prepared to allow it to go while going on with his studies and soccer preparing. Tragically, quarantine occurred and in Walk 2020, his college sent all understudies home.

He was back in Arizona and nobody knew exactly the way that long the lockdown would keep going, so he kept on with his soccer preparing.

Nonetheless, you can prepare for such a long time, so he started to ask himself what else he could do while at home, and putting out recordings immediately struck a chord.

Beck presented three on four 15-second lengthy recordings every day except it was never a major ordeal for him. His recordings continued to do effectively and in a brief time, what he started as an approach to abiding time transformed into a leisure activity. Inside a couple of months, he had earned 1,000,000 supporters while still at home.


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By late May and early June 2020, he had acquired 2.5 million supporters. As indicated by the TikTok star, he didn’t have the foggiest idea what was occurring however some way or another, each and every video he posted got no less than a few million perspectives – this was major ordeal for him in light of the fact that, around then, he had around 1.5 million supporters, so getting a greater number of perspectives than his devotees reliably was no mean accomplishment.

Following his monstrous accomplishment on the application, Noah in the long run chose to exit school and seek after a TikTok vocation in Los Angeles.

As of July 1, 2021, he had 28.2 million adherents on TikTok, 1.56 million supporters on YouTube, 7.4 million devotees on Instagram, and in excess of 800,000 supporters on Twitter.

7. The Star Needed To Turn into an Expert Soccer Player Before Tiktok Occurred From the time Noah Beck was a kid, he had without exception needed to turn into an expert soccer player and he pursued it. He was an understudy of Ironwood Secondary School and keeping in mind that there, he consolidated his studies with playing for the SC del Sol club soccer group in Phoenix.

From 2014 to 2017, he was additionally essential for the U.S. Youth Soccer Olympic Improvement Program in Arizona and, surprisingly, filled in as the group’s commander.

Two years before he completed secondary school, he moved to Utah where he joined the master feeder school, Genuine Salt Lake Foundation in Herriman, Utah.

In 2019, Noah was conceded into the College of Portland on a full-ride grant and he played for the Portland Pilots men’s soccer group as a midfielder. Talking with Complex, he said he needed to go ace, adding that he had the conviction that he was on the right profession way and he had the open doors coming. “I had preliminaries set up in Europe that I planned to go to,” he said in a video transferred to YouTube by Pursue Hudson in December 2020. In any case, Coronavirus occurred and every one of those got dropped and presently he is TikTok popular.


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In spite of the fact that TikTok is presently his main vocation, Noah Beck misses his most memorable love – soccer. As he said during his discussion with Complex, he misses soccer so much and it will be for the rest of time his enthusiasm. The previous competitor likewise consented to the way that soccer made him what his identity is, and he feels it made every one of his fellowships growing up. Despite the fact that TikTok is going all easily for him, the star conceded that there are times he inquires as to whether he pursued the ideal choice by leaving soccer.

In any case, he says he figures he did, and accordingly, he has no single lament about it… yet he misses it. Making sense of why he exchanged soccer for TikTok, the then 19-year-old said he comprehends that anything can occur with his online entertainment vocation and that he may not actually have the stage again in the following a few years yet that regardless, he simply had to exploit what he had “at the present time”. Yet, assuming that anything at any point occurred, he couldn’t want anything more than to get from where he left his soccer profession.

6. He Was An Individual from The Influence House The Influence House is a content-maker aggregate that was laid out in January 2020 by TalentX Diversion.

It is comprised of a portion of TikTok’s biggest stars who live respectively in a manor to team up on content and cross-advancing their brands.

Discussing his Influence House enrollment, Noah told Complex that at the time he had 50,000 supporters in 2020, another TikTok goliath named Blake Dim sent him an immediate message on Instagram letting him know that he sees a great deal of expected in him and that he can truly find success occupied with making content on TikTok. Noah felt energized hearing that from a big name on the application yet didn’t really think about to it since he was all the while pursuing his soccer dream, notwithstanding, they stayed in contact.

On perceiving how well Noah’s recordings were doing, Blake sent him an instant message welcoming him to Los Angeles to meet different individuals from the Influence House.

Ready to persuade his folks to let him go, he regarded the greeting and on arriving, he clicked with the Influence House individuals right away, recorded a few recordings with them, and started getting Influence supporters. With that, he acquired around seven or 8,000,000 extra adherents inside the one and half weeks he remained with the Influence Young men.

Over his visit, Noah had a gathering with one of the fundamental Young men and one of the directors. As indicated by him, they let him know they figured he would be an incredible fit at the Influence House and that in the event that he needs, there’s a spot for him. They likewise let him know that he could earn enough to pay the bills doing TikTok. Persuaded that he could have a decent life doing TikTok with the Influence House young men, Noah went along with them in June 2020 and authoritatively left Arizona for Los Angeles, California.

Tragically, scarcely a year after the gathering was made, and short of what one year after Noah went along with them, Influence House was disbanded.

5. The TikTok Star Has Been At The Focal point of Certain Debates Noah Beck was first engaged with debate when his sister Tatum went on TikTok to guarantee that he had scored a 28 on his Demonstration test and got a full-ride grant to Yale College. Answering the cases in a remark on TikTok, Noah said a Yale mentor started to select him when he was a lesser and that the mentor continually messaged him, saying that they would acknowledge him into the school assuming that he scored 26 in his Demonstration test.

Nonetheless, the application clients went against the case, saying that Elite level schools don’t offer grants to competitors, rather, they just give grants in light of need.

Protecting himself in another remark, Beck made sense of that Yale was one of the schools he conversed with, adding that he knew they don’t give out athletic grants.

Yet, that a few different schools he referenced, all gave him a full ride. While the virtual entertainment ruckus proceeded, Noah decided not to remark. Nonetheless, he was at last compelled to talk when a paparazzi bunch name Pap Aplenty stood up to him while he was going for a stroll with his canine. Talking with all due respect, the TikTok VIP made sense of that the $10,000 cost for a two part harmony on TikTok was set for a brand and that it was not even set by him. He, by and by, consented to the way that the cost was to some degree “ludicrous”.

Noah went further to express that he had done two part harmonies previously and has never taken an expense for it. Recognizing that he realized individuals were saying he assumes he is Harry Styles, Noah obviously expressed that it was not really that way and that it was nothing other than a brand bargain. Proceeding, he said he doesn’t figure anybody ought to charge $10,000 for a TikTok two part harmony. Another debate encompassing the soccer player-turned-TikTok star is his alleged homophobia.

In August 2020, he transferred a video of himself and the Influence House young men moving to the melody “Eisha No!” by Ayo Eisha, with moves that numerous pundits viewed as hostile. The tune includes a verse that expresses, “Take a gander at the way that I walk”, and as of now, the young men stroll such that certain individuals felt was a joke of how female gay men walk.

Some TikTok clients responded to the video in the remark segment with one individual saying it was somewhat dubious. Accordingly, Beck stated, “HAHA, that is the point senseless.”

Both the video and Beck’s reaction were not gotten with grins. To exacerbate the situation, one of Noah’s supporters likewise blamed him for being homophobic on account of certain tweets he preferred previously. One of the tweets that was screenshotted perused, “Brother the LGBT people group is f-lord crazy in this age.” Another read, “I will say it. Da LGBTQ people group is irritating as f-k.” This led to the hashtag #noahbeckisoverparty, which became a web sensation via virtual entertainment. Yet, until now, he has not offered any remark about the allegation.


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4. Beck Went On A Get-away During The Coronavirus Pandemic and Was Vigorously Scrutinized For It A few web-based entertainment big names were reprimanded for either tossing parties or going on get-aways during the Covid pandemic in spite of admonitions against superfluous travel by wellbeing authorities. A portion of the individuals who voyaged were TikTok stars like Avani Gregg, Pursue Hudson, Bryant, Madi Monroe, Noah Beck, and the D’Amelio sisters – Charli and Dixie, who traveled close by their loved ones.

All the named TokTok powerhouses, and that’s just the beginning, were spotted out traveling to Nassau in the Bahamas in December 2020 and this left their fans offended in light of the fact that the pandemic was deteriorating in the U.S at that point. Fans portrayed the TikTok stars as narrow minded and reckless for leaving on the escape trip.

Following the subsequent kickback, Noah was among quick to remark. Addressing Pop Aplenty in January 2020, he safeguarded himself and his co-stars saying that their TikTok business takes such a great amount from them, and thus, they required a chance to disengage for a brief period and that is the very thing the outing was intended for.

While the excursion was very fun, Noah guaranteed that they were “exceptionally mindful” while in the Bahamas.

As per him, the island where they remained in a cabana was situated in a separated climate and nobody was close to them. They likewise flew there in a personal luxury plane.

He likewise said they went into the water park region a couple of times, however the whole lodging was just 20% full so there was not really anybody there.

At the point when he was inquired as to whether he naturally suspected fans were overdoing it with their responses, Beck said he comprehended where they were coming from yet added that they would have happily gone along with him in the event that they got the opportunity.

As indicated by him, the entire response was entertaining in light of the fact that expecting they made an impression on one individuals who were flinging offending remarks at them, letting him know that they needed to fly him to the Bahamas, the individual would have readily acknowledged the greeting.

Noah proceeded to say that individuals are continuously going to make statements regardless of what one does throughout everyday life, thus, he generally says “do what satisfies you.” Unmoved by his remarks, fans kept on hauling the forces to be reckoned with on the web.

3. Noah Beck Is Involved With Individual TikTok Celeb, Dixie D’Amelio Dixie D’Amelio is the sister of TikTok’s most-followed individual, Charli D’Amelio.

In spite of the fact that her sister is the biggest force to be reckoned with on the stage, Dixie is likewise a TikTok star by her own doing.

In July 2020, bits of gossip that Noah and Dixie were seeing someone to get out and about. This was incited by the recordings of their work together which they started posting on TikTok.

The hypotheses expanded in August when the couple was seen snatching supper together at a Los Angeles eatery. In any case, they continued to cause the bits of hearsay to appear to be completely false with claims that they were simply dear companions and that’s it. In September, Noah Beck showed up as the adoration interest of Dixie in her music video for the remix of her tune “Be Blissful,” highlighting Lil Mosey and Blackbear. The web-based entertainment characters shared a kiss on screen, further fuelling dating tales.

They at last affirmed that they were a thing in October 2020 when Noah marked their one-month commemoration, posting a lovely image of them to his Instagram story.

On it, he stated, “Cheerful multi month buddy.. I love you<3 @dixiedamelio.” They have transparently shared their relationship online from that point forward, yet Noah told Individuals in October that Dixie believed them should keep their relationship hidden in the first place.

As indicated by him, Dixie recently emerged from a relationship that was public, so she didn’t maintain that theirs should be public because of her past encounters.

Noah said this alluding to Miss D’Amelio’s previous sentiment with Influence House part Griffin Johnson, who happens to likewise be his companion.

He uncovered that they needed to keep everything among them thus they chose not to post numerous things about them on the web.

Describing how he asked Dixie out on a YouTube series called “Jeff’s Barbershop,” the previous soccer player said he took her to Malibu on the 25th of September 2020.

They went to the lifeguard post and he finished it with candles, flower petals, and the preferences. At the point when he was finished brightening, he said, he returned and strolled Dixie there.

Some way or another, Noah said he thinks she realized what was happening, yet that regardless, he just asked about tying the knot! In spite of clarifying that they were engaged with one another, a many individuals have scrutinized the validity of their relationship. In any case, while it gets to Dixie some of the time, as uncovered by Noah, he says he doesn’t think about it literally in light of the fact that these individuals don’t actually have any acquaintance with them and by the day’s end, they are the ones in particular that know how they feel for one another.

Fanatics of the couple were frightened to their bones on January 22, 2021, when a few sharp-looked at fans saw that Dixie had quit following Noah on Instagram.

This immediately prompted hypotheses that the two had headed out in different directions for a few undisclosed reasons. In a seriously confounding turn, Dixie re-followed Noah not long after, leaving fans considering what might have provoked the underlying virtual entertainment separation. Fortunately, it was nothing significant as Dixie made sense of under a fan’s remark on Instagram that it was just an instance of her becoming pungent subsequent to losing a game to Noah, and in that state, she decided to unfollow him flippantly however neglected to re-follow him.

2. The Socal Media Star Had A Viral Second In January 2019 Despite the fact that Noah’s relationship with Dixie put him more on the map than he was previously, he turned out to be substantially more well known in 2021. This was after he shared photographs from his unequivocal photoshoot with photographic artist Damon Bread cook on his Instagram page. Operating at a profit and white photograph (seen over), the then 19-year-old showed his very much conditioned, alluring, and all around shaped body, wearing only a couple of Calvin Klein fighter briefs.

The photos became a web sensation on different virtual entertainment stages as various clients shared and reposted it thousand of times.

Noah posted the image around morning and by evening, his name had been referenced in 43,000 new tweets. Be that as it may, while his fans were glad to see the photographs, Instagram scowled at it and subsequently, they were eliminated from the application. This incited both Noah Beck and Damon Bread cook to take a stand in opposition to the stage.

The first to voice his disappointment, the picture taker took to his Instagram story and tossed an inquiry at the proprietors of the application needing to realize what precisely was hostile about a certain male body. He proceeded to advise them to stop blue penciling workmanship and finished his message with “Much appreciated”.

In one more post on his story, Damon made sense of that we, as the new age, have the greatest possible level of liability of guaranteeing that craftsmanship makes due. Proceeding, he noticed that craftsmanship can’t be quieted, adding that set of experiences has done that to an extreme. “Without workmanship, without articulation, who do we turn into?! FREE ART!!!!”, he finished up.

On his own part, Noah likewise utilized his Instagram story to tell the Instagram organization to quit bringing down his photos. The web-based entertainment superstar recognized that he was somewhat stripped however not totally and furthermore noticed that he abused no rules.

1. The 21-Year-Old Sent off His Own personal Unscripted tv Show In January 2021 Noah doesn’t expect to make TikTok recordings until the end of his life.

He needs to turn into an entertainer, in addition to that, however a celebrity ultimately, and realizing that there are moves toward it, he uncovered in January 2020 that he has signed up for acting classes and he is making every effort to get better at the art. Despite the fact that he is yet to wander into acting, the star enjoys taken benefit of his online entertainment accomplishment to make his initial introduction to television. He teamed up with AwesomenessTV, a ViacomCBS claimed studio, to bring his unscripted TV drama, Noah Beck Attempts Things, to life.


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Insight about him getting his own TV program opened up to the world on January 12 and it was uncovered that the show will head on Friday, January 22 on the advanced foundation of AwesomenessTV, not barring its YouTube channel. In this way, new episodes of the show were broadcasted each Friday for the following six weeks, highlighting a unique visitor.

Noah Beck Attempts Things is about Noah Beck’s life after his movement to Los Angeles in the mid year of 2020 to get going his profession as a full-time content maker.

As the TikTok character endeavors to do new things, for example, cooking, making diss tracks, Do-It-Yourself creates, cosmetics application, and that’s just the beginning, his new powerhouse companions, who are extraordinary visitors on the series, help him.

Discussing the six-episode series before its presentation, the university soccer player-turned-TikTok star let Individuals know that he was “very invigorated” about it. He gave a little understanding into what the show was like, saying perspectives will see his companions taking him through a little Bootcamp of what they’re great at, and afterward they will grade him toward the end.

These companions incorporate his sweetheart Dixie D’Amelio, YouTube star James Charles, Individual TikTok Big name Blake Dark, and Dance Mothers alum Mackenzie Ziegler.