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Paul Schäfer was an organizer and head of an order and horticultural collective called “Colonia Dignidad.” He joined the Hitler Youth at a youthful age and functioned as a Wehrmacht doctor during “The Second Great War.”

Following the World War, he functioned as a youngsters’ forerunner in the Evangelical Free Church. He was excused from his post after tales created the impression that he was attacking little youngsters.

What’s more, on May 24, 2006, he was condemned to 20 years in prison for physically manhandling 25 youngsters and was requested to pay US$1.5 million to 11 young men whose specialists had documented cases against Paul.

He was likewise needed in Germany and France in family relationship with youngster misuse claims. In 2010, he died at 88 years old at the Santiago de Chile’s Ex-Penitentiary’s Hospital.

As of late, on October 1, 2021, Netflix delivered another series, “A SinisterSect: Colonia Dignidad,” that uncovers the dull history and reality with regards to a German group in Chile.

The series shows the pioneer and evangelist of the organization, Paul Schäfer, who was blamed for sexual maltreatment and brutality. The docu-series will likewise show the works did by Schäfer and his allies in the Province of Linares in Chile.

Paul Schäfer died on April 24, 2010, at the Santiago de Chile’s Ex-Penitentiary’s Hospital because of cardiovascular breakdown. Afterward, it was unveiled that he was experiencing a serious heart ailment.

Paul Schäfer’s “Colonia” case was uncovered years prior and is creating a ruckus on account of new bits of visual media that uncover what happened 50 years prior. The series brings us into the province’s initial years, how it came to fruition, and Schafer’s set of experiences with the region.

Paul Schäfer was joyfully hitched to his significant other. Be that as it may, he has not uncovered anything about his significant other. He likes to keep his own data hidden. Along these lines, no report about his significant other is found on the web.

Paul and his better half have a girl, Rebeca. She is the taken on girl of Paul and his significant other. He left behind his better half and girl in 2010. He will consistently be recollected by his family, spouse, and little girl.