Portable replies DJ Chicken’s claim of impregnating his wife

Disputable Habeeb Okikiola, better realized by his stage name Compact, a Nigerian vocalist, has answered DJ Chicken, an ex-partner and companion, who guaranteed that he had pregnant Omobewaji.

Recollect that it was recently revealed that the music maker professed to be the genuine dad of one of Convenient’s youngsters and that he was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with his significant other.

Chicken offered the expression while condemning the road jump artist for failing to remember how their fellowship started during an Instagram live meeting.

The Zazuu star, in any case, immediately answered him and requested Chicken make sense of which of his spouses he had really impregnated.

Likewise, he requested to know whether he was the dad of his first, second, or third youngster.
The contentious performer proceeded to guarantee that individuals like Chicken are slighting him since they need to acquire impact in view of his rockstar way of life.

He proposed he could need to educate his men to go after DJ Chicken again, as they did numerous months earlier.

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