Prosecutors Detail How Son’s Cell Phone Video Allegedly Places Alex Murdaugh at Murder Scene

Opening explanations have started in the preliminary of Alex Murdaugh, the once-noticeable South Carolina lawyer blamed for lethally shooting his significant other, Maggie, and child, Paul.

In court on Wednesday evening, Examiner Creighton Waters let hearers know that cellphone proof will assume an essential part in the preliminary — and will demonstrate that Murdaugh, 54, was available at the location of the homicides.

In particular, Waters guaranteed that Paul Murdaugh had sent a cellphone video to a companion at 8:44:55 on the night of June 7, 2021. That video, taken close to the canine pet hotels on the family’s 1,100-section of land hunting farm, got the voices of Paul, Maggie and Alex Murdaugh. After three minutes, Paul Murdaugh’s PDA was locked and wasn’t utilized again that evening.

As indicated by Waters, the video is huge on the grounds that Alex Murdaugh had recently denied being close to the canine pet hotels — which seems, by all accounts, to be straightforwardly gone against by the video. Examiners say that Alex Murdaugh shot and killed his better half and child at roughly 8:49 p.m., only minutes after the video was taken.

Then, at that point, they say, he called his better half’s telephone after her demise with an end goal to make a vindication.

However, the safeguard says that he indictment’s course of events is erroneous, and that Paul and Maggie were killed after Alex Murdaugh had left the scene.

Murdaugh claims he went out at around 9 p.m. to visit his weak mother.

At the point when he showed up back at the home around 10 p.m., he called 911 and let the dispatcher know that he had tracked down his better half and child’s bodies.

Paul was shot in the chest and head with a shotgun at short proximity. Maggie was shot on various occasions, remembering a single went for the back and extra shots while she was lying on the ground. She had been shot with 300 Power outage ammunition from an AR-style rifle. The two of them were articulated dead at the scene.

The homicides of Paul and Maggie Murdaugh have shaken the local area of Islandton, South Carolina where the Murdaughs were a conspicuous lawful tradition.

Alex Murdaugh is right now having to deal with two counts of homicide and two weapons penalties in this preliminary. He has argued not liable.

Regardless of whether Murdaugh is vindicated in this preliminary, he will have more lawful hardships. He has to deal with many penalties for supposed monetary violations, including misusing cash from his law office, duping clients of assets and PC wrongdoings. Specialists claim that he likewise cheated the group of his previous servant out of a $4.5 million protection settlement after she died in a secretive slip-and-fall mishap at his home. A preliminary for those charges will be held sometime in the not too distant future.

During the safeguard opening explanations, lawyer Dick Harpootlian said that the indictment was wrong, and that Murdaugh was a “cherishing spouse and gushing dad” who might never kill his loved ones. The preliminary is supposed to keep going for somewhere around three weeks.