Rey Mysterio is Married to Wife: Angie Gutierrez. Kids.

Óscar Gutiérrez, generally known as Rey Mysterio, is an American expert grappler who presently works for WWE as a component of the Crude program. Mysterio is basically seen as one of the most renowned grapplers ever, having promoted cruiserweight wrestling and being one of the most notable Lucha libre grapplers on the globe. On April 30, 1989, Gutiérrez made his expert baseball debut in Mexico at fourteen. With the assistance of his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr., he gained the high-flying style of Lucha Libre that has turned into his mark.

Before his uncle gave him the moniker Rey Misterio Jr., he had ring names including “La Lagartija Verde (The Green Reptile)” and “Colibri (Murmuring Bird). Might it be said that you are Keen on the expert grappler Rey Mysterio’s significant other, and their children? Then, at that point, if it’s not too much trouble, keep perusing to find out more. Rey Mysterio is Hitched to Spouse Angie Gutierrez starting around 1996 At the point when Rey Mysterio and Angie, who might later turn into his better half, first ran into each other in the mid 1990s, they were both still in their young years. Angie was not intrigued by proficient wrestling and had no clue about who the Mexican whiz was.

Despite the fact that he had proactively started his wrestling profession a couple of years, His future spouse knew nothing about his reality. Subsequent to meeting Angie interestingly at a rec center, the expert grappler uncovered in his collection of memoirs named “Rey Mysterio: Behind the Veil” that he in a flash became hopelessly enamored with her after seeing her interestingly. The one-time WWE Champion and Angie didn’t quickly start a close connection. Despite the fact that they had an energy for one another and had even shared a kiss at a certain point, they decided to keep their relationship at the non-romantic companion level on the grounds that Angie was seeing someone the time. Notwithstanding this, she in the end cut off her relationship with her sweetheart so she could accompany Mysterio. After then, at that point, both of them started dating. Despite the fact that Mysterio and Angie were profoundly infatuated with each other, there were other people who believed that their sentiment wouldn’t stand the test of time. On May 11, 1996, the expert grappler marry his long-lasting sweetheart in a function that followed Catholic customs in Tijuana.

The couple had been together for right around four years before the wedding. They will before long be commending their 25th wedding commemoration together.

They have a child named Dominik and a girl named Aaliyah.

Angie Gutierrez’s Memoir Angie Guttierez is a notable entertainer in the US. On account of her union with WWE star Rey Mysterio, she is eminent. Rey Mysterio’s better half was born and raised in the US on December 11, 1974. In 2004, she brought forth the first of her two kids with him; the second went along a year after the fact. Entertainer Angie Hicks is notable for jobs beyond secondary school. Rey Mysterio’s significant other stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime as a team promoter in “The Experiences of Pluto Nash” since she was named homecoming sovereign her senior year (2002). This was the establishment on which she fabricated her profession as a screenplay boss and chief, exhibiting that she won’t hesitate to face challenges and show the world what she can do. Rey Mysterio’s significant other made La Saloon Loca, a Mexican café, as a spot to escape from acting.

Also, she dedicates time to working out at the rec center, doing jujitsu before breakfast, and doing yoga with her family on Sunday evenings. Rey Mysterio’s KidsI. Dominik Gutiérrez He is the child of Rey Mysterio with his better half Angie, and has of late turned into a WWE Whiz and is seen performing with his dad. The dad child pair additionally made history by being the principal father-child matching to come out on top for label group championships in the wrestling business. II. Aaliyah Gutiérrez She is the girl of the expert grappler Beam Mysterio with his significant other, Angie. Aaliyah was born in 2001 and is at present 21 years of age.