RiceGum Net Worth: How He Achieved His Huge Net Worth

RiceGum is an American virtual entertainment sensation who has a total assets of $8 million with a yearly pay of more than $1 million bucks.

Ricegum became popular in 2013 for his gaming and savaging ability. From that point forward, he has simply kept on social affair more adherents.


Taking into account the way that the vlogger has north of 12 million supporters on YouTube alone with a viewership of near 3 billion, these stunning figures ought not be such a shock to you.

As per the superstar measurement site Social Sharp edge, RiceGum makes from $48.4k to $1 million yearly from his primary channel, RiceGum.

His second channel RiceGumExtra additionally makes about $6k yearly. To the extent that YouTube bloggers go, RiceGum addresses one of the stage’s top workers and we might want to provide you with a summary of RiceGum’s huge profit and how he figured out how to obtain this in a moderately brief time frame.

Profile Summary of RiceGum

  • Birth Name: Bryan Quang Le
  • Stage Name: RiceGum
  • Date of Birth: November 19, 1996
  • Age: 26 Years Old
  • Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: South-East Asian
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Occupation: Video Blogger, Rapper, and Businessman
  • Net Worth: $8 million
  • Social media: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook

RiceGum’s Total assets Is From Various Sources and They All Make Huge Money The26 year old vlogger was one of a handful of the that exploited YouTube when it was as yet a juvenile streaming stage. YouTube has since developed to turn into the biggest video-sharing stage on the planet and the individuals who jumped on the train early have likewise developed alongside the site.

The Nevada-born gamer was certainly not abandoned and has helped very well monetarily since he previously joined YouTube in 2012. Not exclusively is RiceGum rich, yet he is likewise savvy and has effectively wandered into different things that have expanded his pay, including YouTube, Music, Twitch underwriting bargains, among others.

RiceGum’s YouTube Profession and Income At the point when RiceGum joined YouTube in 2012, he was really a gamer and was transferring recordings of himself playing the then-popular Extraordinary mission at hand. In those days, game editorial recordings were an extraordinary method for taking off, and soon he assembled a significant number of supporters.

He turned out to be considerably more renowned when he began to transfer satire type recordings to his channel. By then, at that point, RiceGum had found that he had a supreme ability in “savaging”, and quickly changed and started delivering a progression of “diss” tracks coordinated at other YouTubers.

In under three years, his feed became one of the most bought into feeds on the stage, gathering a subscribership of north of 10 million with his viewership showing into billions to the furthest limit of 2020. At the pinnacle of his popularity in 2017, his YouTube profit were said to add up to more than $100,000 each month, running into north of 1,000,000 bucks in a single year.


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RiceGum (@rice)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Presently, his YouTube is as of now not dynamic as the vlogger likes to stream solely on Twitch. Naturally, his viewership rate and ubiquity have consistently diminished yet he actually figures out how to round up somewhere around $4,000 month to month.

The Web-based Superstar Likewise Brings in Cash From Twitch RiceGum joined Twitch in February 2013 and has been reliably streaming his games from that point forward.

He streams for a normal of 3 hours for every stream and during each stream, he has around 54,000 live watchers.

He began by streaming Extraordinary mission at hand however nowadays, he appears to stream a greater amount of Fortnite.

As of now, he has more than 1,000,000 adherents on the stage and then some. Since RiceGum’s freshly discovered love for Twitch started, he transferred less and less on YouTube however even at that, he invests significantly less energy in Twitch than other well known gamers on the application. That being said, his month to month Twitch profit have been assessed as much as $21,000.

This implies RiceGum procures near a fourth of 1,000,000 yearly. This sum is a gauge in light of the quantity of perspectives per stream and does exclude gifts and higher-layered endorsers – so he could be making significantly more. The Web Character Has An Effective Music Vocation On the off chance that you had hardly any insight into RiceGum through gaming, you most likely found out about him during his renowned meat with individual YouTuber Jake Paul, after the diss track that followed.

From that point forward, RiceGum has delivered 8 different singles including ‘God Church’, ‘Frick da Police’, ‘Mischievous or Decent’ and ‘Agreement Cash Free-form’, delivered in 2020.

His presentation single was intended to be a satire tune aimed at Jake Paul, emulating his (Jake’s) own single named ‘It’s Regular Brother’.

RiceGum masterfully (or is it malignantly?), delivered his variant named ‘It’s Regular Sister’, highlighting YouTuber Alissa Violet, who turned out to be Jake’s ex.

The melody turned into a surprising hit, cresting at number 80 on Bulletin USA’s Hot 100 diagram. It likewise arrived at number 34 on Bulletin USA’s R&B and Hip-bounce diagram, and number 25 on the Board USA Rap graph. In 2018, the melody was ensured platinum by the Recording Business Relationship of America.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


RiceGum (@rice)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

His ensuing deliveries have not been pretty much as effective as this first melody however this hasn’t halted the vlogger from boasting about his ‘graph besting hit tunes’. His definite income from his record deals are anyway as yet unclear. Sponsorship Arrangements likewise Add to RiceGum’s Total assets The genuine sum RiceGum has produced using sponsorship bargains isn’t known.

In 2019, he was supported by a betting site named Secret Brand for which he got areas of strength for a response from countless individuals.

Amidst the kickback, we got to realize that he was paid $100k to advance the site after other YouTubers uncovered that they were extended to a similar sum to do the employment opportunity. RiceGum has likewise worked with the makers of Super Bowl and shown up in a 2018 business for the show. Every one of these and more are ways the YouTuber brings in his cash.

RiceGum Could do without To Bring in Cash, He Likewise Loves to Spend it – Richly Not much about RiceGum’s way of life is public information yet it’s anything but a mysterious that the 26-year-old star loves his extravagant vehicles. He is many times in some video, flaunting his abundance and his costly properties. In a commonplace tycoon move, he as of late purchased a $12.5 million house in Los Angeles, one of the most costly regions to possess land in the US. The house involves 10 rooms and 13 restrooms fit into a 12 500 square-foot space.

He has likewise been seen riding a white Rolls Royce. The sumptuous bird was said to cost more than $3 million starting around 2018. The following year, he changed out his Rolls for a Lamborghini of a similar variety. It seems like the youthful YouTuber has a propensity for changing vehicles consistently, a propensity that could possibly be named the level of showiness.

RiceGum’s Different Streaming Stages The YouTube VIP likes to transfer fundamentally on Twitch nowadays. Before he got onto the gaming stage, he was exceptionally well known with the video real time monster, YouTube. Here are the connections to his web based profiles with his ongoing endorser and watcher count.

  • YouTube: RiceGum – 10.2 million endorsers and north of 2 billion perspectives
  • Twitch: RiceGum – 1,192,679 devotees and more than 15 million perspectives
  • Twitter: RiceGum – 2.7 million devotees
  • Facebook: RiceGum – 744,000 devotees
  • More Realities About RiceGum

1. What Identity are RiceGum’s Folks? Bryan Quang Le otherwise called RiceGum was born to a Vietnamese dad and a Chinese mother.

2. What amount does RiceGum procure? At present, RiceGum acquires something like $250,000 yearly from the two his Twitch and YouTube channels. This sum does exclude underwriting arrangements and side organizations.

3. Is RiceGum Actually Web based on YouTube? RiceGum hasn’t spilled on the goliath stage for close to 12 months. His last video was transferred in late 2020.

4. Is RiceGum Disputable? RiceGum has been associated with numerous contentions including individual YouTubers and now and again even entire nations. Because of his tricky content, his records were demonetized in 2018 by YouTube.

5. Is RiceGum Seeing someone? As per public information, the 26-year-old gamer isn’t dating anybody right now.