Ron Shirley Declare The Death Of His Son Harley Alexander On His Facebook


On February 18, TruTV’s Lizard Lick Towing star Ron Shirley reported the deficiency of his child, Harley Alexander “Alex” Shirley, on his Facebook page. The 21-year-old was killed on February 17, as indicated by neighborhood sources. Shirley paid an enthusiastic reverence to his late child in a Facebook post. He wrote,

“(We) will constantly recall the days you enjoyed with us, child.”

Alex Shirley’s homicide is as yet being researched by the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Ron Shirley’s child Harley Alexander Shirley Shirley was shot on Thursday night at a home on Josephine Road, as indicated by a Sheriff’s Office news discharge. Capt. Jeff Caldwell said in the explanation that appointees from the County police reacted to reports of gunfire close to the home at 8 p.m. Caldwell proceeded to say that notwithstanding Harley, a 20-year-elderly person was shot. Notwithstanding early reports that the casualties were taken shots at home, a guest announced observing them injured with a discharge twisted at a Sheetz parking garage on Cornwallis Road. This parking garage was situated around three miles north of the property. With next to no additional background information, the points of interest encompassing the shootout’s time span become profoundly baffling.

Ron Shirley child While Ron Shirley’s child was found dead at the site, the woman, who presently can’t seem to be perceived by the press, got away with minor wounds. What’s more, one more individual was in the vehicle with the two different casualties, however he experienced simply minor wounds. As per the casualty’s family members, the homicide happened in the property’s front yard. As per the press proclamation, many suspects were spotted running away from the location of the gunfight. They purportedly escaped in a yellow vehicle. Jason Shirley, Ron Shirley’s brother, informed WRAL News that he would give up to a $25,000 prize for any huge data about the late 21-year-demise old’s that might help the examination.

The shootout’s planning The shooting occurred at 8 p.m. on Thursday night, as per the police report. In the interim, Ron Shirley’s family members informed WRAL News that the homicide occurred during a family festivity recognizing one more expired cousin. They were delivering inflatables in memory of Xavier Smith, who died in a fender bender recently. No intention in the killings has been found at this point. The Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is currently examining and mentioning data on the personality of the suspects.