Sean Naso & Sarah Naso Divorce Scandal – Was He Cheating With Pregnant Juliana Custodio?


The interest creates when Sarah Naso’s rapper spouse, Sean Naso, purportedly petitions for legal separation in the midst of a betrayal and paternity contention including him and Juliana Custodio. Fanatics of 90 Day Fiance were flabbergasted to hear that the two took part in an extramarital entanglements behind their spouses’ backs, which purportedly finished in a pregnancy.

Juliana has recently questioned the charges, yet Michael, Sarah, and Sean have stayed quiet. Notwithstanding, clever admirers have seen what they accept to be signs that Sarah and Sean are as of now not together.

Sean Naso and Sarah Naso Divorce Scandal – Everything We Know Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio’s 90 Day Fiance separation as of late deteriorated. Juliana engaged in extramarital relations with Michael’s ex, spouse Sarah Naso, as per different hotspots for In Touch. Michael has been residing with Sarah and her significant other, Sean Nasso, in his $1.3 million house, which is by and by in abandonment procedures.

On account of their supposed sentiment, Sarah “felt the child had a place with Sean” soon after Juliana’s pregnancy declaration in November, as per one of In Touch’s insiders. Sarah was likewise inquisitive with regards to Juliana’s child’s paternity, as per another source.

Was Sean Cheating With Pregnant Juliana Custodio? Clarified Sean doesn’t seem to have gone behind Sara’s back with pregnant Juliana Custodio. Juliana said that Ben Obscura is the natural dad of her youngster. She has “affirmation” to check his paternity, as indicated by the 90 Day Fiance star.

“Tragically, this family has nothing to use against me, so they’re taking advantage of my child and manufacturing stories about me,” she as of late unveiled. “I’m trusting I’ll never need to hear or see them again.”

Juliana Custodio is in like manner extremely defensive of her kid. The 90 Day Fiance parent pledged she would guard her kid regardless in an IG Stories post. She inscribed a snap of her child’s ultrasound, “I actually can’t really accept that God gave me such a wonderful gift.” “I’m not going to permit anybody to manhandle you, notice you, or use you to hurt me. I’ll place my life on the line to protect you.”

The 90 Day Fiance star likewise lauded her sweetheart, Ben Obscura, for giving her their youngster, portraying it as the most brilliant “present” she has at any point gotten. So yet, none of the latest bits of gossip have been demonstrated. In any case, you should think about them while taking other factors into consideration.

Sean Naso 90 Day Fiance Wikipedia And Job Details Sean Naso, Sara Naso’s mate, is a hip-jump craftsman. He isn’t enlisted on Wikipedia’s true page. In any case, we in all actuality do have some data about him that might intrigue our perusers.

Naso as of late gave a meeting where he examined his present work’s inspiration. As many might expect subsequent to realizing that Joaquin Phoenix’s depiction of The Joker and the emotional wellness subject in that blockbuster picture affected him, his music contains a few phenomenally intriguing and genuine topics.

He was working in development before his music vocation took off. Naso is from The Bronx and has expressed that he draws motivation for his stone/rap style melodies from his own background, including an auto crash he alludes to as his “Kanye second.”