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Selja Kpop Killer is known as The Idol Killer, has made issues for some icons through various mediums. She is the most broad B.T.S. hostile to.

According to the sources, she has attempted to toxin, hurt, and even kill a portion of the symbols. Whenever she has added stick in an espresso and has given it to DBSk’. Following that, he needed to go to E.R. since he had a seizure.

Selja Kpop Killer next focus in 2021 may be BTS-JIMIN, EXO-SEHUN, and BLACKPINK-LISA.

In any case, the specific names are obscure, however she may be hunting these renowned faces like she generally does. She is back after a lengthy period, and the web-based media clients have said it as a terrible sign.

In spite of the fact that Selja hasn’t authoritatively referenced whom she is pursuing, these three names are in the first concern records, according to some netizens.

A Korean sasaeng, Selja Kpop, sends passing dangers to K-pop craftsmen through remarks. Moreover, she attempted to kill symbols and VIPs and likewise endeavored to dispose of “E.X.O’s. rivals.”

Selja Kpop Killer’s genuine name is Kim Yeoshin, and her face uncovers pictures that are not found on the web.

Some web-based articles have asserted that she is a genuine individual, while some say she isn’t. Twitter and Reddit clients are showing their advantage with respect to this and her initial life.

In any case, on the off chance that she is definitely not a genuine individual, how might she compromise symbols, and how is it that she could turn into a BTS hostile to. It very well may be she has stowed away her character and hasn’t uncovered her face.

As indicated by some YouTube recordings, she has stowed away her personality and has over and over undermined icons and well known stars.

Selja Kpop Killer, the justification for the ladies’ code mishap in 2014, is supposed to be back in 2021.

In this way, in 2021, the netizens are stressed over the symbols and have spread data about Selja. An EXO-I or, say, Korean Sasaeng young lady has given passing dangers to the norms commonly on various events.

She has attempted to harm one of the individuals from E.X.O., however she fizzled. Later once more, she attempted to harm one of the individuals from B.A.P., yet again she fizzled. Also, she is the justification for why two individuals from the Ladies Code died in an auto crash back in 2014.