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Sharkeisha Thompson turned into an overnight sensation after a video of her punching an adolescent young lady surfaced on the web.

The video became a web sensation in a flash where Ms. Thompson must be limited by her companions as the casualties lied on the ground, ensuring her head and face with her hands.

The assault was excessively severe such that the person in question, Shamichael Manuel, gave brief indications of Parkinson’s illness, announced

The episode turned out to be such a subject of revenue among netizens that her name procured a spot in Urban Dictionary. It depicted her name as “To punch the spirit from another being’s body.”

Sharkeisha Thompson has tragically died in an arbitrary hit and run assault in 2013, as per

She was one of the casualties who was shot in the occurrence. She was articulated dead not long after she showed up at the medical clinic.

Another casualty was a 18-year-old kid. He was likewise shot and brought to a similar emergency clinic; nonetheless, his wounds were not dangerous and he endure.

The site referenced both the casualties were driving close to Fifth Avenue Park when the episode happened. They were shot somewhere multiple times by unidentified people.

It’s questionable if the culprits were at any point captured or not. Likewise, the news isn’t affirmed by any confirmed media sources.

Sharkeisha Thompson became well known after the notorious 2013 battle that occurred among Thompson and her classmate.

According to Daily Mail, then, at that point, 17-year-old casualty Shamichael Manuel was totally ignorant of the looming assault. Ms. Thompson and her companions welcomed her to a loft after school.

The casualty said she considered her a companion and had not envisioned she would punch her like that.

At the point when she came to outside the condo, Thompson hit her right upside the head prior to proceeding to kick her as she tumbled to the ground.

Thompson’s gathering of companions needed to mediate and held her back before she could do any more harm.

Shamichael said the assault was a demonstration of vengeance over a sweetheart issue. Further, she supported a bruised eye, busted lip, and other minor wounds from the episode.

Shamichael’s mom Olivia Henderson was in a supermarket when she heard individuals watching the video and chuckling about it. At the point when she let them know it was her little girl in the video, they halted and understood their slip-up.

She contended that the video just celebrated Thompson and her activity as opposed to showing her something new.

Thompson was supposedly captured however was subsequently delivered on a $500 bond.

Sharkeisha Thompson was 16 years of age at the hour of her demise.

Following the viral battle occurrence, she was confused with another Sharkeisha Tyeshia Thompson, age 22 from North Carolina.

Yet, the casualty affirmed the young lady who assaulted her was 16 and went to a similar school as her in Texas.