“She’s so messy”- Why are Family Reunion: Love & Hip Hop Edition fans slamming Shekinah Jo in episode 7?

Episode 7 of Family Get-together: Love and Hip Jump Version season 3, named A Tune of Fire and Flavor, circulated on VH1 this Monday, January 9, at 8 pm ET.

In the episode, Shekinah Jo was seen getting into a contention with Chrissy after the previous caused a situation at Zest’s birthday celebration. Jo had inquired as to whether Teairra had paid her court-requested fine to rapper 50 Penny while the previous was performing at an occasion.


Teairra was engaged with a retribution p**n case with 50 Penny and should pay $50,000 to him, which she didn’t do.

Later on, Chrissy unveiled something very similar to Teairra, who went up against Shekinah about conversing with others in regards to her private matters. Jo caused an immense situation at the party by hollering at others and getting some information about her remarks. When Chrissy got up, she returned to the house and would not be a piece of the party.

Chrissy felt that Shekinah didn’t feel responsible for her own words. Later on, Jo apologized to Teairra yet additionally said that she actually did “distrust one of these bi**hes.”

Family Gathering: Love and Hip Jump Release fans got down on Shekinah for being simple and purposely creating a situation.

Family Get-together: Love and Hip Jump Release fans feel Shekinah shouldn’t have remarked on Teairra’s legitimate difficulties
This isn’t whenever Shekinah first has wound up in a battle with another castmate.

She would not warmly greet Lyrica after the last unfollowed her on Instagram as she felt that Lyrica involved her for an advancement via virtual entertainment. Be that as it may, Lyrica didn’t actually recollect the occurrence and simply needed to focus on recuperating. She was harmed in the wake of seeing Shekinah apologize to Teairra however not to her, implying that she was all the while tossing some “conceal.”

Family Gathering: Love and Hip Jump Release fans got down on Shekinah for battling with other cast individuals for not a glaringly obvious explanation and later on playing the person in question. They felt that she was not worried about Teairra’s issues and simply needed to toss conceal at her. VH1’s depiction of the episode read:

“Flavor’s birthday festivity go on with an unexpected melodic visitor; the aftermath from the birthday celebration leaves Shekinah as the black sheep of the family gathering; Khaotic carries the tomfoolery and one more surprise to the family get-together.”

This week on Family Gathering: Love and Hip Bounce Version, the ladies rode a mechanical bull at Zest’s birthday celebration. Mariahlynn and Karlie made up and Mariah at last acknowledged Karlie’s expression of remorse. She additionally felt that Karlie showed her poise and that she saw her own solidarity in the midst of their contention.

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Karlie let Mariah know that she would pay for her nails following a month. Shay said that she simply needed positive energy for her ladies’ strengthening lunch however was worried about the continuous battles in the house. Mom Jones and Chrissy hung out together and didn’t go to the occasion.

Mother Jones inquired as to whether she had frozen her eggs, yet Chrissy uncovered that she tracked down the cycle extremely intricate and didn’t do so on account of something very similar. Mom Jones was disturbed subsequent to hearing this as she needed to raise her grandkids.

Family Get-together: Love and Hip Bounce Version airs on VH1 each Monday at 8 pm ET.