Tasia Stephens and William Stephens Murders: Where are Yolanda Segura and Zohelin Diaz Now?


The homicide of Tasia and William Stephens, two moderately aged temporary parents, astonished Novato, California, in December 1988. Luckily, the eight-month-old child who was in the bed close to where the couple was found safe.

Redrum: Love At Any Price on Investigation Discovery intently looks at the astonishing passings of the Stephenses and carefully makes sense of the terrible occurrence. We have you covered on the off chance that you’re interested to dive more deeply into the particulars of the case, the character of the wrongdoers, and their ongoing whereabouts. So moving right along, we should begin.


How Did Tasia and William Stephens Die? William Stephens, 45, and Tasia Stephens, 43, had been marry for a very long time. In Novato, California, they effectively worked boutiques and film stores. Be that as it may, the couple was determined about taking on a kid.

At the point when Tracy Medeiros was 17 years of age and living in Massachusetts, she became pregnant and chosen to surrender her kid for reception since her sweetheart had parted ways with her and she coming up short on assets to really focus on a kid at that point. The Stephenses’ far off cousin’s ex acquainted Tracy with them at about that time.

The pregnant young lady and Tasia and William Stephens managed everything well, and she spent her initial three trimesters in a permanent spot for youthful moms in the close by Sonoma County city of Santa Rosa. The pair was available for the child’s introduction to the world and assisted the eager mother and baby with picking Travis as the child’s name. The Stephenses even covered Tracy’s entire travel and clinical expenses. The Stephenses took on the newborn child notwithstanding the lawful necessities of the reception methodology being deferred in view of a build-up of cases.

Towards the finish of 1988, Tracy had planned to enjoy special times of year with her natural child. In this way, when the Novato police reached to tell her that the Stephenses had been tracked down shot in their bed on December 14, 1988, it came as a staggering shock. In any case, the baby was completely safe, regardless of being eager and alone for close to 24 hours, as per the policing. Subsequent to hearing the news, Tracy said, “My reality was totally crushed.” What am I going to do with the baby, I pondered? “I revere him, I maintain that he should accompany me,” I thought.

Who Killed Tasia and William Stephens? From the start, the specialists couldn’t decide a rationale in the twofold manslaughter. Notwithstanding, Yolanda Segura, the missing house keeper, immediately arose as their top suspect considering the proof found at the wrongdoing site.

Further request prompted the revelation of additional bits of proof at the San Rafael, California, loft Yolanda imparted to her darling. The analysts conveyed pamphlets and promotions requesting subtleties on the two.

A night representative at an inn in Daly City, San Mateo County, called the police over seven days after the fact to ask about the area of the couple. Through the photographs showed on TV, the inn representative had the option to recognize the couple remaining there.

In this way, on December 21, 1988, the police kept Yolanda and her 25-year-old darling, Zohelin Diaz. A.25-type programmed weapon was found in Diaz’s grasp at the hour of their capture.

Albeit not a great explanation was given, Novato police accepted Yolanda had enlightened Diaz concerning purportedly being physically bugged at the place of her bosses. Notwithstanding, reports guaranteed that the examiners accepted Yolanda might have made up the story to conceal the way that the Stephenses had terminated her.

They were unlawful migrants from Guatemala named Yolanda and Diaz. Thusly, the FBI was additionally engaged with the manslaughter examination, but by implication. As indicated by the reports, neither of the blamed had any earlier convictions. Nonetheless, Diaz has proactively been confined for endeavoring to wrongfully enter the country.

Where Could Yolanda Segura and Zohelin Diaz Today be? Regardless of the blamed couple’s in court confirmation for honesty, the jury was unconvinced. Yolanda got a 6-year jail term subsequent to being viewed as at real fault for murder.

Diaz was given a lifelong incarceration in the wake of being seen as at fault for first-degree murder, yet it was subsequently expressed that he ended it all. Yolanda is said to have been liberated from jail and is presently obscure, but she is by all accounts staying quiet about her own life. A Marin County judge put the baby in an encourage home following the homicide of the Stephenses.

Tracy mentioned authority of Travis, yet the Stephenses’ family protested. The Superior Court Juvenile Commissioner not entirely set in stone on January 3, 1989 that the Stephenses were not Travis’ lawful guardians in light of the fact that the reception was all the while forthcoming.

Tracy got care privileges from Shapiro, with the circumstances that she go to nurturing programs and submit month to month reports to the court for assessment following a half year. As per tales, Tracy worked at a state mental emergency clinic while dwelling with her mom in Billerica, Massachusetts. She had organized full-time kid care for Travis so she could continue to work.