“Team Seokjin always wins”: BTS fans congratulate Jin as the Epiphany singer wins the military talent show

On January 30, Korean news sources detailed that BTS’ Jin won ahead of everyone else at the tactical ability show.

The Revelation artist’s group as of late gotten in front of the pack at the tactical ability show observing Seollal, otherwise called Korean New Year. It was uncovered that Jin by and by showed his soldier mates some smooth dance moves that drove them to triumph. Moreover, his group got an additional day of excursion as a prize.


BTS fans are glad for the gathering’s most established part and his new accomplishments and have taken to web-based entertainment to salute him. One Armed force brazenly remarked that “Group Seokjin generally wins”, alluding to a running joke in the being a fan.

Jin’s fans took to web-based entertainment to praise him and his group on winning in front of the pack at the tactical ability show and procuring an additional day of get-away as a prize.

ARMYs likewise kidded that partaking in RUN BTS (Bangtan’s theatrical presentation) truly assisted the icon with getting acquainted with everything of everything required for a tactical ability show.

The Moon vocalist authoritatively enrolled in the Korean military on December 13 and was doled out to the fifth Infantry Division select instructional hub in Yeoncheon Area of Gyeonggi Region. He was dropped by his six more youthful brothers, who came to see him off, giving fans an OT7 second for a long time to come.

BTS’ most established part finished his five weeks of essential preparation at the fifth Infantry Division enlistment preparing focus, what began on December 13 and finished on January 18. Post this, The Space traveler vocalist was given the tactical place of Collaborator Drill Teacher under the fifth Infantry Division in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Region.

Jin was purportedly keen on the position and obviously went through different rounds of meetings and assessments before in the end acquiring the situation for himself.

Recently, BTS’ most established part shocked fans by posting a sincere message committed to them. On January 18, The Space traveler vocalist went to the consummation function following five weeks of fundamental preparation. He was wearing his tactical uniform with a veil to cover his face. The 30-year-old likewise shared a sweet directive for ARMYs, who were standing by without complaining to hear from him:

“I’m pleasantly investing my energy here. I’m posting photographs in the wake of getting consent from the military. Armed force, forever be cheerful and fare thee well.”

Preceding this, he had recorded a sweet directive for ARMYs from the arrangements of SBS’ Running Man. He uncovered that he will be imparting a video consistently to a sincere directive for fans. ARMYs noticed that the video was posted at 12.04 pm KST, the Void vocalist’s introduction to the world time.

Individuals J-trust, Jimin, and V uncovered that the icon had called them from the military and mentioned to tell ARMYs that he was doing fine and serving admirably.

BIG HIT MUSIC has mentioned fans to not send gifts and goodies to BTS’ most established part’s tactical camp or endeavor to visit him face to face as it could prompt mishaps. Fans can rather send their messages on Weverse with the tag “Dear Jin” for him to peruse and treasure.

The Space explorer vocalist will be released from the military on June 12, 2024, a day prior BTS’ eleventh gathering commemoration. He is the primary individual from the septet to join up, and will before long be trailed by the leftover individuals.