Thai navy ship sinks, rescue underway for sailors in water


A Thai naval force transport soaked in the Bay of Thailand and boats and helicopters were working Monday to safeguard mariners from the water.

As of midmorning, 75 mariners had been safeguarded and 31 were still in the water, the naval force said.

Solid breezes blew seawater onto the HTMS Sukhothai corvette and took out its electrical framework Sunday night.

The Regal Thai Naval force dispatched three frigates and two helicopters with versatile siphoning machines to attempt to help the incapacitated boat by eliminating the seawater yet it couldn’t do so in view of areas of strength for the.

The deficiency of force permitted more seawater to stream into the vessel, making it rundown and sink.

It happened while the warship was on the lookout adrift 20 miles from the dock at Bangsaphan region in Prachuap Khiri Khan area.

While northern and focal Thailand are seeing their coldest temperatures of the year, far southern Thailand has been encountering tempests and flooding lately. Ships were cautioned to remain aground.