‘The Watcher’ Debuts Chilling Trailer for True-Crime Stalker Series Starring Naomi Watts

Following the new presentation of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Ryan Murphy is back with another certifiable bad behavior set up show called The Watcher. On Saturday, during Tudum: A Netflix Overall Fan Event, the streaming stage seemed the first, chilling trailer for the stalker series highlighting Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge and Mia Farrow.

Not long in that frame of mind of moving into a brilliant house in Westfield, New Jersey, Senior part (Cannavale) and Nora Brannock (Watts) get a letter examining, “I’ve been set liable for watching you.” A horrible voice then, takes command over, saying, “This message won’t be the last.


I’m the watcher,” as the trailer goads the trepidation to come as their dream home transforms into the point of convergence of a waking terrible dream.

Considering certifiable events initially uncovered by New York Magazine, the series made by Murphy and Ian Brennan portrays what came to pass for a family after they were trailed by a baffling person, who held sending premonition letters to the house. In any case, that isn’t using any and all means the main unusual thing making what is happening not ideal.

According to Netflix, “there’s an odd more prepared woman named Pearl (Farrow) and her kin Jasper (Terry Kinney), who slips into the Brannock’s home and covers in their dumbwaiter.

There’s Karen (Coolidge), the realtor and an old partner of Nora’s, who makes them feel as they don’t really have a spot, and intruding neighbors Mitch (Richard Kind) and Mo (Margo Martindale), who don’t seem to grasp property lines.”

Besides, it’s not some time before the Brannock family comes “as far as possible as the area’s contemptible secrets come spilling out.”

Concerning rejoining with Murphy, Coolidge tells ET the renowned TV creator “is phenomenal.” The Watcher signifies their third assignment together after she as of late appeared on Joy and Nip/Overlay. “However, this frightening stuff is genuinely stimulating for me, I don’t get mentioned to do that routinely,” she says of the new series, which “has a truly surprising cast.”

The Watcher debuts Thursday, Oct. 13 on Netflix.