“They’re young and stupid” – Andrew Tate’s bodyguard reveals how some girls thought they would be the influencer’s ‘next wife’

As Andrew Tate stays in prison as a component of an illegal exploitation and attack examination in Romania, his guardian has come to his protection, minimizing the charges against the questionable figure.

In a meeting with the BBC, Andrew Tate’s head of safety, Bogdan Stancu, who started working for the virtual entertainment character under quite a while back, portrayed Tate’s informers as “youthful and moronic.”


Stancu, a previous police knowledge official, guaranteed the informers were fighting back against his manager as they disliked the powerhouse after their expectations of being his “next spouse” were crushed.

Tate was captured close by his brother in Romania in December 2022 in the midst of illegal exploitation and attack charges. While the pair, who’ve denied the allegations evened out at them, are at present in 30-day authority, Stancu seemed to justify his manager’s capture and accused the ladies, who he says distorted current realities.

“A portion of the young ladies misconstrued the truth and accepted [they would] be his next spouse. At the point when they understand the truth, it’s not difficult to change from a companion into a foe, and say something to the police.”Andrew Tate’s guardian stands up on the claims against his chief

Andrew Tate’s guardian, who has evidently seen many ladies visiting the powerhouse’s compound, seemed to project defamations at the informers, saying that the ladies visiting Tate were much of the time intoxicated and made issues for his chief.

Andrew Tate was impelled to notoriety after he was killed from the English variant of the unscripted television show Big Brother in 2016 over a video that seemed to show him going after a lady.

In the years that followed, Tate exploited the ignominy by reinforcing his profile as an “Extremely confident man.” For a really long time, Tate has made content that advances trashing remarks against ladies.

In a frightening meeting with BBC, Tate’s guardian Bogdan Stancu safeguarded his supervisor in spite of a torrent of implicating recordings that gave an understanding into Tate’s old fashioned view of ladies.

Stancu said that his chief, who engaged ladies between the ages of 18-25, said that the ladies eagerly visited Tate’s compound. The protector proceeded to say that these ladies were frequently taken out, but with no power, from the premises as they were “excessively tipsy.”

Stancu said that his chief, who has a few youngsters living in Romania, was frequently loaded with nervousness and expected that somebody was on a mission to hurt him. The protector said that Tate, who he portrayed as distrustful, frequently changed his itinerary as he feared being followed.

In any case, Stancu couldn’t explain the alleged danger his supervisor dreaded.

Stancu, apparently enlarging his manager’s safeguard, said that Andrew Tate’s public persona is a hallucination contrasted with his genuine person. Stancu added that he accepted his supervisor was honest however noticed that the police were right to examine the brothers blamed for attacking ladies and said that, whenever saw as liable, they ought to be arraigned.