Todrick Hall and Designer Kim Myles Search for ‘Shockingly Extra’ Homes on ‘Battle of the Bling’

Welcome on the bling! Todrick Corridor and originator Kim Myles are collaborating to exhibit the most beyond ludicrous homes on their new show Clash of the Bling. Debuting on Friday, Dec. 9, the HGTV series follows Myles and Lobby as they visit 15 maximalist properties that have been put together by mortgage holders who think their cushion is the “blingiest” in the country.

The pair approach HGTV plan specialists Alison Victoria, Keith Bynum and The Sovereign of Versailles star Jackie Siegel to assist judge with each looking at getting home.

In the elite in the background cut over, the co-has stroll into intricate rooms with dazed looks on their appearances.

At the point when asked what her #1 home was, Myles portrays a pink ’70s retro home. “It was out of control, it was interesting, it was fun, it was unconventional,” she says.

In the mean time, a fix of Lobby laying inside a hot pink heart-molded bath seems when Myles inquires as to whether any of the homes enlivened his own plan tasteful.

“The tub is calling me!” he says. The camera dish to a Round of Privileged positions themed space which Lobby reviews was another of his top choices.

A medieval-enlivened room alongside a reproduction of the Iron Lofty position is shown, which he makes sense of “to me that was capricious, yet in addition, make it design.”

Myles then yells, “I’m the bling of the world” from the property’s patio including staggering mountain sees.

“We saw homes that were incredibly extra — even to me — and I’m about the bling,” Corridor says. “Meeting and praising these property holders and their astounding style was a mob.

Picking a victor among these pinnacles of fabulousness and glitz was difficult, as each house deserved a crown.”

Myles says visiting each house “was dazzling and energizing” in light of how every individual planned their space such that communicated their own style.

“The genuine victors are me, Todrick and the watchers who get to visit these delectable manifestations,” she adds.

The property considered the blingiest home of all by the board of judges will be granted with “boasting freedoms, a brilliant prize and a spread in HGTV magazine,” as per HGTV.

Skirmish of the Bling’s initial two episodespremiere Friday, Dec. 9 at 10 p.m. also, 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.