Together With Realme, Coca-Cola Might Release a Smartphone as Soon as March

At the point when a great many people consider Coca-Cola, they picture a can or container of the chilly, bubbly beverage that is a backbone at Indian summer grills, happy festivals, and regular parties. Regardless of the way that cell phones are the exact opposite thing anybody could at any point interface with the celebrated organization, Realme expects to change that.

There have been tales that the well known American soda pop creator and the new to the scene Chinese cell phone maker are cooperating on a Coca-Cola-marked telephone.

Tech powerhouse Mukul Sharma tweeted that Realme’s Coca-Cola telephone would be delivered in India this quarter.

This would put its delivery date before the mid year. He likewise displayed out the rear of the #cola telephone, which incorporated an enormous Coca-Cola marking.

There gives off an impression of being a twin camera on the Coca-Cola-themed plan, however the powerhouse hasn’t given some other data on the gadget.