“TOM IS SICKKKKKK!”: Why are Love Island fans hating on Tom as he kisses Ellie in season 9 episode 14?

Love Island season 9 broadcasted another episode on Sunday, highlighting Tom Clare changing his relationship elements with three ladies.

While he said a final farewell to Zara Denis and reunited with Olivia Hawkins, he likewise made out with stunner Ellie Spence. Spence and Tom were shown kissing on the porch that very day he finished things with Zara. Strangely, Ellie and Tom’s kiss was occurring simultaneously as Olivia was discussing her affections for him to different young ladies in the kitchen.


Tom’s conduct in the most recent episode 14 maddened Love Island fans, who pummeled the hunk on Twitter.

To note, Ellie mentioned Tom not to inform anybody concerning their kiss and the last option concurred, considering it their “private business.”

The most recent episode of Affection Island 2023 was loaded up with a great deal of show. It began with Tom Clare picking Olivia Hawkins for her facial elements over his then-accomplice Zara Denis. He picked Zara for her body, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the stunner.

She was grief stricken that her then-accomplice Tom picked her for her body over her face. She was harmed more in light of the fact that Zara and Olivia have been in a virus battle since the previous recoupled with Tom when he was joined forces up with Olivia.

Subsequent to crying tears over Tom, Zara then chose to end things with him in Adoration Island season 9 episode 14. The two islanders were in total agreement as Tom guaranteed he didn’t need more show with Zara. He then, at that point, went to Olivia and expressed that he needed to reunite with her.

Towards the finish of the episode, Olivia was seen laughing and fixating on Tom in the kitchen. Around a similar time, Tom was seen kissing Ellie Spence on the patio.

Fans were stunned to see Tom’s conduct in the most recent episode. They condemned the islander for harming Zara, then, at that point, attempting to accommodate with Olivia, and winding up kissing Ellie.

Tom and Ellie’s kiss in Adoration Island season 9 episode 14
In episode 14, Tom and Ellie were perched on the patio when she expressed that she would begin her exercise the following day. Tom referenced that he would likewise join her, however she would need to wear a “s*xy little exercise center outfit.”

Ellie answered by saying that she would wear it, just for him. The two then shared a personal look and Tom pulled her towards him for a kiss. As they were kissing, Olivia was found in the kitchen ground floor discussing how Tom needed to reunite with her.

On the porch, Tom referenced to Ellie that their kiss was “decent” and said that she was “inconvenience.” The 25-year-old Norwich local cleared lipstick marks from Tom’s face and told him not to educate anybody concerning their personal second. To this, the 23-year-old Barnsley local said: