Tony Dungy and James Brown Speak at Anti-Gay Preacher’s Rally

Andrew Wommack, a violently hostile to gay Christian evangelist who has compared being homos*xual to kill, has coordinated an occasion at which NFL pundits Tony Dungy and James Brown have represented years.

In Spring, during an occasion named “Men’s Development,” the two will by and by show their help for Wommack’s service. Wommack is facilitating it at his Colorado Book of scriptures school, Charis. In addition to other things, the evangelist and his establishment show hostile to gay and against trans sees while purporting to be following Christian educating.

Throughout his profession, Dungy has reliably stood up against LGBT privileges. Back in 2006, when he was as yet the extremely compelling lead trainer of the Indianapolis Foals, Dungy coordinated a raising support work to battle against same-s*x marriage.

Regardless of supporting sentenced canine executioner Michael Vick and prosecuted affirmed lady blender Beam Rice, he has taken a stand in opposition to the “way of life” of homos*xual NBA star Jason Collins and guaranteed he wouldn’t need a gay player like Michael Sam in his group.

Beginning around 2006, Brown has been a normal on “CBS Nightly News” and “an hour” as a columnist and as a feature of CBS’s NFL inclusion. Brown has not been cited openly by Outsports offering any regrettable expressions about the homos*xual local area or communicating resistance to LGBT balance.

Brown has not unequivocally upheld against gay creed, in spite of his nearby relationship with hostile to gay Wommack and his Book of scriptures school. In spite of rehashed demands from Outsports, CBS has stayed quiet on the question of James’ or the organization’s remarks.

The two men, who depict themselves as “closest friends,” are popular in the NFL and the games media. Dungy specifically has been given a pass by his kindred football players for a really long time because of his enemy of gay feelings in view of his broad picture as a pioneer and accomplishment on the field. NBC proceeded with the training by not giving a reaction to this article.

Andrew Wommack’s Enemy of LGBT Way of talking Uses Brutal Language A portion of the straightforwardly hostile to LGBT explanations Wommack has made out in the open on a few events should be notable to these two people. The counter gay feelings of Wommack are not covered up. In 2021, he said, “we should put a name across their brow: ‘This could be dangerous to your wellbeing.'” proposing that being homos*xual is so damaging to individuals’ life that an admonition mark could be suitable.

He likewise expressed that being gay is more destructive to one’s body than smoking: Wommack spends the better piece of an hour in one of his internet based addresses censuring homos*xuality and the gay “way of life.” “We really want to openly oppose the way of behaving in light of the fact that society needs to lay out what standards are,” Wommack says in a lesson. “Homos*xuality has been acknowledged — they have gay prides… . Presently they are campaigning for acknowledgment and in any event, advancing it as an acknowledged and ordinary way of life, and it’s not.”

“Assuming that you are a Christian assuming you guarantee to be a Christian, and you advance homos*xuality as an acknowledged way of life… that’s what on the off chance that you accept, you are standing firm totally against the expression of god.” He has straightforwardly drawn matches among homos*xuality and murder. Last year Wommack said transsexual individuals are “from Satan. … Satan is its creator.”

Last Lines NFL examiners Tony Dungy and James Brown have spoken at an occasion facilitated by Andrew Wommack, a destructively hostile to gay Christian evangelist who has compared being homos*xual to kill, for quite a long time.

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