Tori Roloff on Whether She Wishes She Had Chance to Raise an Average Size Child: ‘Absolutely Not’

Tori Roloff wouldn’t change a thing about her family. The mother of three answered a progression of questions on her Instagram Stories Wednesday, replying to one client who asked whether she wished she could “have the valuable chance to understand what bringing up an average size child is like.”

Tori is of average level while her husband Zach Roloff and three youngsters, Josiah, 6 months, Lilah, 2, and Jackson, 5, were born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism.

“Absolutely not,” Tori composed. “I’m Fixated on the three children God gave me and I’d have it no other way.”

The Little Public, Big World star also responded to a client’s question about the “hardest part about being an average size mother of three little individuals.”

“Knowing that I’ll always be unable to relate to my children and can only sympathize,” she answered.

Earlier this week, the Roloffs celebrated their most memorable Halloween as a family of five. On Monday, Tori, 31, shared photographs from Halloween with Zach and their three children.

The sweet photograph showed Jackson, who was wearing a classic black and yellow fireman’s uniform, making a guileful face as he leaned against Zach, who was not in outfit.

Zach held Josiah, who wore a pumpkin ensemble, while Tori held Lilah, who was spruced up like a Dalmatian.

In a later picture, Zach’s mother Amy Roloff bounced in for a photograph with the children, spruced up as a cat with a tutu, ears and makeup to finish the look.

“Thanks for helping us prepare,” Tori composed, tagging Amy. Tori also shared a nearby of Josiah on his stomach in his ensemble, looking at the camera.

“Si’s first Halloween,” she composed, revealing that the infant was struggling with a “twofold ear infection” yet “rallied” through his most memorable going house to house asking for candy insight.