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Twomad, whose genuine name is Muudea Sedik, is a Youtuber and rising web character.

The web star has figured out how to earn multiple million YouTube supporters.

Twomad has acquired consideration for playing out a surprising trick in the BTS show which was held in Los Angeles.

Some marked Twomad as a bigot for his essence at the BTS show wearing a yukata and Chinese/Japanese cap.

Not just that, he even organized that outfit, which is viewed as a bigoted one, with a pennant holding tight his neck. The said pennant has an image of the late Chinese Communist Party pioneer Mao Zedong.

The BTS fans, additionally called Army, felt that Twomad condemned and thought about his activity as a bigoted demonstration. They likewise accepted that the sole motivation behind him going into the show was to affront BTS fans and labeled him as a BTS critic.

Twomad’s post subtitling BTS outflowed with great many tweets after Twomad shared the two photographs of him being spruced up in a surprising outfit.

Maybe, the Youtuber utilized it as a joke and for a pleasant reason, in any case, who realized that this matter would take such a commotion and fury in online media. Indeed, this show got taken on to another level. Some even said that Twomad in that outfit is very much like each and every other dead man and dark.

While he is confronted with bigoted remarks, some even found his photos silly and helpful analysis in an interesting manner. According to Reddit remarks, a portion of the clients expressed that he was exceptionally chauvinist (towards men), homophobic and bigot (towards Southeast Asians) in his past Youtube recordings.

There are additionally remarks where it is tracked down that

Others likewise noticed that Twomad couldn’t acknowledge the way that BTS has turned into an overall popular band and is doing incredibly well in the music global control.

YouTuber Twomad’s web-based media is loaded up with charges and allegations.

He is blamed for being a bigot subsequent to performing such a demonstration. North of a year prior, he shared a YouTuber video, where he appears to have broiled a whole multitude of poisonous 13-year-olds there.

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